Giving And Taking Power

This weekend my husband and I had some much needed reconnecting time.  We sent our daughter to her cousin's for the night and he took me on a date.  We had begun having better communication since Thursday and had been working through some major issues.  He told me that the problems we had been having in the past weren't all my fault and that he is just as much to blame.  Friday night we watched Secretary and we discussed D/s and not just the sex, but living it. As in the movie.  He knew before we watched this movie that this is what I craved.  When the movie was over, he of course was very aroused and wanted to be intimate.  But I wouldn't just go with it that night.  I wanted him to take the power I had given him.  So I refused to follow his orders.  I refused to submit until he made me.  

He told me to unbutton his shirt.  I looked down and the floor and stayed there.  He pulled my hands to the buttons and let go, and I let my hands drop.  He said do it now!  I wouldn't.  So he turned me over and spanked me HARD.  Then he told me again to unbutton his shirt.  I still refused.  So again he spanked me.  Then he said are you ready to listen now?  I said No, Sir.  (He does not let me call him Sir- hardly ever.) So he spanked me more.  He said now? I said no.  And he spanked me for a long time.  Finally I said Yes, Sir.  And he continued spanking me.  He finally stopped and said I disobeyed a direct order and it's unacceptable.  He finally took the power I gave him long ago.  I followed his every direction that night and the whole weekend.  He promised me some things and is keeping his word.  

Things are still needing improvement, but I think we passed a  huge hurdle.  He has a new resolve to meet my needs, and I'll soon be drafting a contract for us.  I can't say it will be perfect, but it's better than before.  Any step in the right direction is better than before.  
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

A great story. I'm so happy for you. You are getting what you've wanted for so long.

I hope this works out for the both of you. I'm glad to hear you two are making progress and becoming closer:-)

Thanks.. Baby steps. I believe it's more permanent that way.

Wow!!!!! I loved this!!!! Seems you're right on path dear. Go ahead and good luck!!

Awwww, thanks! :)

very nicely done my friend . . . best of luck to you and yours . . . . keep us posted . . . I wish you continued success and happiness . . . 8D

Thanks, dear. I will keep posting. If I can help 1 person, it's all worth it.