Reduced to Docile Submission

my domme/mom (her favored term) used to use my fetish for plastic panties to make me docile and obedient. she'd read a lot of the best female dominants and learned the benefits and how to handle someone like me. she knew that at heart, as much as i might argue it, i was made to worship her.

she'd tease me and talk to me like a naughty little boy. i knew she meant it too. she often spank me and put the panties on me, then stand me up to tell me off. she knew the minute i was in them i wouldn't be able to resist her. i had no choice but to obey. she'd threaten to expose me, and then use that to draw me closer. "you want to be my good boy, don't you?" if she touched me i would tingle all over and swoon. she liked seeing me like this.

once "in my place", as she always called it, i was told what to do and when. i had to follow her every word. if i "acted stupid" she'd punish me on the spot, in any way she felt was right. i was very vulnerable. she wouldn't let me wear anything but the pearly clear plastic panties and a t shirt... "so i can see what you're up to!" she could see my penis and my bottom.

some mornings, weekends usually, she would have me bring her breakfast in bed - dressed only in my plastic panties, a leather collar and a t shirt. when she got up she would slap my bottom and pull my wrists behind my back. then she would grab my sex organs completely in her hand and squeeze she hard i would moan. "listen, today i want you to be a very very good sissy, is that clear? i'm going to force you to come in your sissy baby panties and then you're going to clean up, wash and put on your silky sissy panties... so you can really be a good little housekeeper today. understood? mommy is going to put you to work..."

it was a good weekend, and i was happy being docile and obedient... bar a few small mishaps of course...




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WOW,I,too want a mom to dress and control my hard,throbbing ****.

thanks, bunchopanties, glad you liked it. i became addicted to being put in my place, and it suited our daytime life to some degree too. we were always battling and i was always letting her win, and wishing she'd win forever. being put in my plastic baby panties was the ultimate humiliation and turn on at the same time. i was never into diapers. so when the plastic got damp and wet it got slippery, just walking around caused me to stay mildly aroused all the time. when she touched me it was like turning on the light - a 1000 volts of erotic heat. i yearned and the more i yearned, i melted too... into an devoted erotic submission to her power and beauty. <br />
<br />
does that make sense to you?

Wow. To my surprise, I find that extremely hot. I like to be forced to crossdress occasionally, and love to be spanked when I'm naughty - but I have never worn plastic undies and the idea of being forced to come in them really excites me. Thanks for that little idea...<br />
I sometimes - once or twice a year? - get put in my place, not nearly often enough. I love it when she gets that way and threatens me unless I wear what she wants and obey her.