Love It!

I love being told what to do, how, and when to do it. I just always have.

The two examples that really stick out in my mind happened one a couple months ago and the other back in August. So, in August I was at this party with one of my friends and he always jokes around about owning me and we always kind of push each other around. Well, this night I was about to hit him and he grabbed my wrists and forced my hands behind my back in one of his hands. He started leading me around the house forcing me to talk to people by running me into them and pulling my hair so I would look at them. It was amazing, I was so turned on.

The other was at another of my friend's going away party. Whenever he got drunk he always ripped my clothes off and this time he did that too but also wrestled me to the floor and pinned my hands above my head. He made me lay there under him while he invited everyone to look at me and then led me around the living room on my hands and knees by my hair. And yeah, a lot of people would be embarrassed and whatnot, but I liked it. I liked the embarrassment, the feeling that he had complete control over me, to me that is the best feeling in the world.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Hmmm, I think you might be ready for exploring some BDSM clubs where people encourage that behaviour, or is it only exciting because it was inappropriate?

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