In All Things And All Ways

I've always been submissive, you can ask my mother. In a way, I was programmed for submissiveness or perhaps better put, raised in such a manner that the social and native submissive nature of being a girl was emphasized and made important. Our house revolved around our father and our brother. My mother, my sisters and I took care of everything around the house, from cooking and cleaning to laundry and gardening and my father and brother were the recipients of all our efforts. And that's the way is was, because girls did girl work and boys and men did the important work that took care of us girls. Father of course was the ruler of the home and his work was law and everyone of us were always trying to please Father. Father didn't like girls in pants, so we were always in skirts or dresses, girls were always respectful of men and were there to make themselves useful, girls were quiet and demur, never loud or *****, girls listened to men and didn't have opinions of their own, because we were just girls. So it is no real mystery that I married a man who is dominating and has similar views on the role and place of a woman as that which I was raised.

While I was submissive, when I married, I had to learn obedience. Father had rules and breaking them led to being punished, and we of course did as we were told, but my husband had new rules that I had to learn and he expected me to behave in a manner pleasing to him. My husband spent a lot of his time with me during the first years of our marriage teaching and training me to be the wife he wanted. I learned  to do the things that pleased him and the manner in which he wanted them done. Over the course of those first few years, my husband removed one by one any need for me to make any decisions and married life has become a set of privileges granted to me. These privileges range from being allowed to do this, to being allowed to move about the house freely. If he approves these words, I may post them, if I displease him or disobey, I will be punished, a spanking or whipping, placed in the corner, chained or caged for a day, whatever I deserve. But that is rare, because I do my best to be a good wife and a good girl.

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Good girl, husband must be proud.