Better And Better

It has been nearly a month since I 'confessed' to my husband that I want him to dominate me.
My confidence is growing every day; my husband is showing so much interest in this for me. It is getting easier for (me) us to talk openly about all of this, and he is making (and implementing) suggestions of his own.
That is (for me, anyway) our biggest accomplishment so far: my desires are largely centered around my need to be led. I want him to be very direct when he wants something, and 'request' little. Even if he wants me to come up with my own 'plan of action', hearing him command me to pleasure him in my way is exactly what I need and want.
Even though I am still feeling shy about saying certain things aloud still, it's becoming easier every time.
Every day we are learning together, exploring each other. We are loving each other in a new way, and I am grateful and proud.
If there is anyone reading this who has a 'secret fantasy' - don't remain silent. Learn everything you can, and do it. The first step really IS the hardest; everything after is your heart's desire. It's worth it.
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4 Responses Nov 20, 2012

if you don't mind, will you please share what have you learnt?


Odietamo -- There are some excellent tutorials and information on EP about Dominance and submission. If you are interested in learning the absolute basic starting point, you might find what I wrote to be of interest. As I am a novice, if you get more into D/s, you can read some of the more advanced information written by others. Here is a link for you:

Good luck. Enjoy.

Very cool. Happy New Year to you both.

Congratulations odietamo.

You seem to be a natural in exploring the boundaries between pain and pleasure and have realised that BDSM is a consensual activity.

Let me try to demonstrate how this works........

Do you like your hair being stroked, fondled and caressed? (on your head - lol)

I have found that a few woman almost have orgasmic pleasure when their hair is pulled firmly. If that may be an area you wish to explore your could ask your partner to pull gently and signal by voice and eyes when you have reached the point where you wish to go no further. Guess you both have a safe word that calls a stop if things are going too far.

Wow - there is stirring in my loins as I remember the passionate kiss of a naked partly bound woman as I was pulling her hair......

Just tried pulling my own head hair ( Master often tries "toys" on himself) and I must be brain dead - does nothing for me at all!

A very Happy Christmas to you and may Santa bring you something special :)

You lucky 'kids' ! Happy it is working out for you (".....out ,and IN!, and OUt!....and IN!!...and.....")