My Husband, My Slave.

So many women have this fantasy, making a man their total slave but so few have the will to go through with it. I always knew my husband would be submissive to me. Th e first time we met he was with another girl that treated him like he was a king but I could tell that is not what he wanted. She just doted on him and he looked like he was being smothered.
We where at a party and I was with a guy that was way to aggressive for me but great in bed. We had talked a little about swinging, he knew I liked girls too, but really never had gone through with it. Towards the end of the night everyone was really drunk and most where hooking up somewhere in the house. We had gone outside and sitting naked in the hot tub when my future husband came out with his date. She was really drunk and hanging all over him, he looked a little disgusted with how she was acting but was not saying anything to her.
I asked if they would like to join us, she said sure and pulled off her clothes and jumped in but he looked like he was embarrassed and we had to encourage him. When he did finally pull off his shorts I could see why, he had about the smallest penis I had every seen and I couldn't help but look at it and chuckle a little. He noticed me looking but didn't seem to mind me laughing. When he got in I asked if he was cold, he said no that is the way he always was! I was a little shocked at his answer, he didn't seem to mind being laughed at.
We sat in the hot tub and drank but after a while I found my date and his where talking to one another and ignoring us so I started talking to him. The tub was small so we where sitting close and I made a point of rubbing my breast against him when I reached for my drink, wondering if his date and mine would notice but they where too into talking to one another.
She said she had to go to the "little girls room" I almost gagged at that, and got up. She really did have a hot body and I couldn't help but check out her cleanly shaved cute little *****. My date noticed me looking and smiled, I smiled back and nodded wondering how we could get her into bed. He said he had to go to the restroom too and got up, his manhood partly swollen so it looked huge. I looked over at my future husband (Dave) to see how he would react to them leaving together. He just sat there and acted like nothing was going on.
They put towels on and left for the restrooms, I knew my date was going to hit on her but I didn't think she would go through with it. I talked to Dave for a while and he didn't seem to notice that they where taking a long time to get back. I pointed this out and he said maybe there is long line, I knew better but didn't say anything.
Finally we got up and went to look for them. They where in one of the bedrooms just going at it like dogs in heat. I looked over at Dave and saw the whipped puppy look on his face but I also noticed a bulge coming from under his towel. I pulled it off and out popped his little thing. I felt sorry for him, here was this hung guy doing his girl in a way he could never do her and he was standing there with a tiny penis watching. I crawled in bed with the two of them, leaving Dave standing there naked to watch us. She didn't seem to mind me as I started stroking her and kissing her breast so I move down to taste her. He was behind her and she was on all fours so I had room to crawl under her and started working on her juicy little *****. It didn't take long for her to come, really loudly, and then him. I stayed under for a while after he pulled out and I could taste the familiar flavour of him mixed with her juices. It was great!
I got up and she rolled over, he got on me and went to work getting me off a couple of times. When we where done I looked over at her and she had passed out.I wondered if she would even remember what had happened. Dave was still standing there but had pulled his towel around himself again. I looked at him and asked if he had enjoyed the show?
He bowed his head and said yes, that he always wanted to watch his girl with other men but she had never wanted too. I told him that after she had been with a guy that big she would never be happy with just him. He said he knew that while he could never satisfy a woman that he was OK with them getting it elsewhere. That got me hot so I told him what about your tongue? I opened my legs and pointed, he came over and started working on me. He was actually really good at it and didn't seem to mind cleaning up after another guy. I got off and told him to do the same to his girlfriend. He started on her and she woke up, still very drunk but I could tell she was enjoying getting licked.
I was about to join them but another couple of guys walked in and joined us in bed. One got on top of me and the other kind of pushed Dave out of the way and got on his date. Dave just laid there between the four of us on his belly, I guess so everyone would not see his tiny little penis.
We started to get a crowd watching and that turned me on so I got loud and really into it. I felt the guy come inside of me, his body ******* as he pumped his juice deep inside. I could also hear the other guy finishing with Dave's date. The guys got off the bed and it looked like another couple where about to join us but before they could Dave kissed me and seemed to want to get on me. I said I was sorry but he was just too small. He looked crushed but I told him that it was OK, he gave great head! I didn't mean right now but he went down and started working on me. I could feel the come dripping out of me but Dave didn't seem to mind.
Another guy got on his knees and put his thing to my lips, I opened them and let him push it inside my mouth. I stopped for awhile and told Dave to get me a beer as I was getting too sober. He got up and I could hear everyone laughing at him, his tiny penis, the fact that his date and I where getting screwed by everyone but him and that he was cleaning up after all those guys was a joke around for a long time.
I spent the next couple of hours in bed with women and men, losing track of where Dave went but he always had fresh beer for me waiting on the table.
I finally got done around sunrise, drunk, tired and sore I staggered out into the living room to see Dave on the floor. I found out later that one of the guys had made Dave blow him then while another couple of guys held him down they raped him. I woke him up and told him to get dressed and drive me home. I didn't know or care what had happened to my date and his was still getting laid.
We married a short time later. I did let him have sex with me on our wedding night but it was not a good experience. He is so small that it is a challenge to lay still enough so he stays in.
I have other boyfriends that take care of that for me. Dave came home early from work one day and caught me with a friend of his. I told him I needed lovers as he couldn't do it for me and if he didn't like it to leave and try to find a woman that he could satisfy. Of course he wasn't man enough so he stays. He knows his place now, he does all the laundry including hand washing my panties after I have been with other men, all the cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.
Occasionally he gets out of line and I take a belt to him, sometimes if front of other people. Sometimes I use a strap on to show him that I am the boss and he is my B. A couple of times I have made him get on his knees in front of other men and service them then watch as they use him like a woman.
I have carried a couple of babies from other men since we have married and one is from a black man so everyone knows what he is, a cuckold, a slave and MY property.
He is a faithful servant and right now he is doing the yard work dressed in only women's panties. The backyard is private but I am having a couple of g-friends over today for drinks, gossip and maybe more and I will make him walk around in panties in front of them before I tell him to fix us food then go to his room and leave us alone.
Got to go but for all you women that want to try this and are afraid or don't know how go ahead and if you have any questions just write!
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like your attitude


One man I ******* was similar. He had a halfway decent 5" but (s)he was effeminate and liked taking the woman's part in sex acts. His wife most likely knew even though he tried keeping on the DL.<br />
<br />
Of course a masculine man with 5" is still more a man than an effeminate person with a foot-long.

I totally love this story and think your husband is such a lucky guy. I know it seems weird, but I envy him for being too small to satisfy you. I'm not small at all, and when I encourage my wife to flirt, she tells me that I completely satisfy her, and that she has no interest in sleeping with other men. That should make me happy, but it isn't what turns me on.