I Am Submissive To Too Damn Many People

I am submissive to my Mistress; that is a good thing, a very good thing indeed.

I am submissive to the big cop who is not in a good mood; I think that is a good thing.

But I am also submissive to the store clerk who gives me a ****-and-bull story because he is too lazy to get up and check on what I have asked. I don't think that is the least bit of a good thing. One pound for $3 and something when what the store had was 2 pounds for $2 and something.

Or the customer rep who said "Oh No, can't do that" because he was not a customer rep he represented at best himself, or maybe the store. Actually, he could have done that.

My point is that I took what these people said because I was submissive to them - and should not have been.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I think that there are times when one should be asertive, not aggressive, mind you, but as Betty puts it: be polite but get your point across. And that's a whole different sort of thing than being submissive to my Mistress. While it may be in my nature to be submissive. I have chosen to submit to MistressP. My submission to Her is way different than it is to, for instance, misssade, another Dominatrix I would certainly be polite to her but I would not "play" with her unless MisstressP wanted me to do that. And the point of my post is that my submission to my Mistress is way different than to a store clerk who doesn't deserve it. And I do not like that I am submissive to such people.

It has not been a free choice for me, it's in my nature.<br />
<br />
The two clerks that prompted this story, by the way, were male.