My submissiveness is inspired by womanly beauty. I use the word womanly, because feminine has lost its specific application to women only. We use the word feminine in reference to characteristics that are applied to objects, animals, and even some men. For me the purity of this word has been lost. But the word womanly is for women only. And I love it that way. I have actually decided to treat my submissiveness as a core principle of my being, meaning that all experiences in connection with it are existential, spiritual, and some might say "religious." Hence the title of my humble entry, Subscendence. It is a word I have coined to mean transcend through submission. And I have experienced this on several occasions. In fact, this feeling of absolute bliss, this transcendence through submission, is the engine that drives my pursuit of submissive experiences.

For me the beauty of a woman, often accentuated by her attire, is more than just an aphrodisiac. It is the impetus for worship that causes all states of awareness within my being to align. I become at the mercy of its source and hope each time that she will be truly diabolical in the things she allows herself to do to me while I'm in this state of mind. Because in the state of subscendence all experience is transmuted to pleasure. And so all experience becomes appreciated in the sense that it truly was intended. It is like removing the meters from experience -- good, bad, indifferent. It all becomes bliss, and I become blissful in the extreme as I subscend further and further. I think the experience of subscending allows me to die without dying, so it can be experienced over and over. Although the long tunnels that end with a bright light and the mass of loving family and friends are all absent from the experience, I believe the bliss experienced is at the very least equal to the bliss described by those who have had out of body, near death experiences. They all at one point describe an all-pervading light that carries with it a feeling of total warmth and absolute acceptance. Well, there is not even really a light at all in my experience, but I feel the bliss just the same. And when I'm lucky, I can reproduce the effect over and over and over.

Now to be fair, not all my submissive experiences reach the level of subscendence, but it is still always fun trying to get there. It's like going on a vacation to a really nice location, instead of moving to a really nice location. But tropical vacations are fun just the same. And when I'm visiting my metaphoric island retreats, I go in for all the attractions that resort has to offer. I have licked shoes until they shone, sucked the blackest filth from the sully of lovely ladies' feet, been trampled to within and inch of my life, and literally made to pass out beneath the unyielding pressure of a woman's foot as she stood against my carotid. I have been sat on like a couch cushion by several ladies at once, smothered under lovely buttocks for a little ***-phyxiation, pummeled by slapping feet, jumped on like a trampoline, run over by car and suv, and last, but not least, been used as a dutiful spittoon and ash tray all for the glory of HERmajesty. And by that I mean any HER who is willing. And I am looking forward to my next attempt at subscendence which will come tomorrow around 2pm cst. I'll be sure to keep you awwwllll posted. C'ya.
thesully thesully
Jul 12, 2010