I Don't Know How To Tell The Guy I Am With That I Am Submissive.

Hi. I am a submissive girl but my trouble is i am a virgin and dont think i need submit to sex. I also dont know to tell the guy i am with that i like to be controlled more from a psychological point before a physical point. I love when people mess with my mind it thrills me or being pinned down and not able to do anything about it. I need some pointers on how to tell him with maybe some introductory games or such, HELP!
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Don't open you own doors, just stop and wait for him to open them for you. Don't order you own food, just ask him to surprise you or say you'll have whatever he would like to order for you. Keep you head below his so you are looking up at him, especially when in a house. Sit on the floor and lay your head against his thigh, then look up at him from there.<br />
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Talk about your fantasy of being helpless and controled by someone else. Tell him it excites you, but you must be able to trust a person before you could submit to him. Be open about your virginity and your plan for when you will commence intimate relations. Then you can deliver the clincher, telling him that if you can trust him to protect your virginity, you would love to submit to him. That being his would thrill you.<br />
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You need to understand that a young man, under 30, will not be very experienced himself, and will be learning by experiment himself. He may have a personality and confidence, but he won't have the knowledge or experience to know just what to do. There are two solutions: Explore it with him, or find a much older master.

In any D/s relationship, the beginning must be with the two of you meeting in a nice, safe, vanilla environment... and meeting in person, too there I mean!!! The two of you set your boundaries and get to know each other and build trust BEFORE you get rid of the clothes.

If he has a dominating personality he will discover your needs by himself, he'll even control you before you even know it, and it doesn't have to be physical or sexual. It's about control and confidence, he inspires you trust and you submit, and the reward is pleasure to both of you.<br />
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Now how to let him know that you're sub? you let him take the decisions, you ask for his opinion and you act as he pleases, and if he takes control, it means he caught on, and you can be more open about it.<br />
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If you want more details, you can message me

My wife, early on in our relationship said 'I like a man to be a man'. Turns out that she liked bondage, spanking and was a sub. Just the woman that I had been looking for. We married two weeks ago and my Dad sent a card with the title :- 'Tying the knot'. Little does he know. LOL.<br />
It's better to find someone with similar tastes than to try and convert someone. I tried it twice.<br />
J and I play backgammon and the winner is in charge for the evening. Enjoy. f2w

You might have him tie you with something soft like strips of bed sheet and ravish your entire body using only his tongue.