A New Journey

Like so many before me I've just began my journey into my submissive side, and have never been more eager to start living.

I have always liked strong men and many of my teenage sexual fantasy's involved being dominated. Not to mention having something of the masochist in me from a very early age. I had however lead a sheltered and protected life and as a result was made to feel that my desires were something to be ashamed of. I was taught that strong minded, independent women just didn't allow a man to control them....to use them.

It was to be my secret.

Thanks be to an ex boyfriend that showed me a glimmer of the world of bdsm, it kindled a fire in me so deep that for the first time in my adult life I felt a real connection with someone.

I did not need to lie about what I liked.
I did not need to hide who I was.

There was no shame, there was no fear that he would find out the desires that lay dormant in my heart.

I do not need to look back.

With each new step I take into this new world, my imagination is alive. With courage and trust in my heart and my submission in my hands.

I offer it up to him as a gift.

It is his to cherish, to nurture, to use.

kittikat81 kittikat81
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Thank you Miss Shaw :) It is a wonderful thing for me to see and feel that there are others like myself in the community. <br />
I am slowly learning to be honest to myself and to not repress the desires that lay within me.