I'm Looking For A New Female Sub...

I just have to figure out exactly what I want this time.

On the one hand, experienced subs know how to behave...

On the other hand, breaking in a new toy can be so much fun.

Decisions, decisions.
FreeThinkerJames FreeThinkerJames
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8 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Wanna start with me?

Aimeelynn, precisely!

i just had to say that it was interesting that you said the sub actually has the control in the relationship. I agree. I crave to be dominated and need it in my life, but in the end I am the one controlling the situations. My man can't be dominant towards me without my consent (because that would abuse) and I know how to elicit punishment if that is what I am craving and I know how to be good in order to please him and to get pleasure in other ways if that is what I'm craving. Very rarely do I do something "wrong" not on purpose...i just happen to be craving the spanking and the lecture of how I'm not behaving.

It depends, sometimes it's really awesome to have a woman totally give her body up to you.<br />
<br />
In a Dom/sub relationship, it's really the sub who's in control anyway. It's rather complicated and difficult to explain without writing an entire book on here.

What is the thrill in having a sub? Wouldn't it be sexier to be on equal footing with your woman?

Not quite yet, I'd really like to find someone closer to where I live.<br />
<br />
Which is tough in Hawaii.

The hunt should be fun though :-)

You are very right, You need to decide which type is better suited for You. i imagine that the thrill of training a new sub is very enticing, but requires a bit of patience. Of course, even an experienced sub would still have to learn Your particular wants and needs.<br />
Tough decision...<br />
Best of luck to You.