My Sissy Husband Sucks Co ck

First let me start by telling you that my husband submitted to me three years ago. He is my 24/7 slave. He is required to shave his under arms, crotch, and legs every other day. He wears panties at all times and wears a nightgown to bed every night. I call him my sissy boy. From time to time I use my 9 inch di ldo on him; which leads me into my story about the first time he sucked co ck for me.

About two years ago I strapped on my di ldo co ck and ordered sissy boy on his knees in front of me. “Suck my co ck sissy!” I ordered him. As he sucked on my rubber co ck I smacked him on the back of the head and ordered him to take all of it. He worked and worked at it and after about 5 minutes had all 9 inched down his throat. I was amazed and it got me to thinking about watching him suck a real co ck. I wanted to make this happen but didn’t know anyone so I got online and found a bi-sexual website and signed up. I posted an ad explaining that I wanted to watch my husband suck another man’s co ck. I couldn’t believe the number of men that responded in our area.

I narrowed my search down to two men and email both to see if they were interested in meeting me for lunch. Neil responded and agreed to meet at a restaurant not too far from my house the following Saturday. Neil was a 35 year old bi-sexual married man who wanted to live out a fantasy of being with a couple. When I met Neil for the first time he was so nervous his hands were shaking. He explained that his wife had no idea he was bi-sexual and would divorce him if she knew what he was doing. I assured Nail I was just in this for the fun of watching my husband suck c ock. Neil was a nice clean cut young man and was very polite so I decided to take him home with me on the first meet.

When we entered the house sissy boy was cleaning the floors in the kitchen and dining room. He was startled when he saw Neil. I introduced my husband to Neil and told him to come in the living room when he was finished with his chores. Neil and I sat on the sofa and got better acquainted. I rubbed his crotch while he told me about himself. OMG I couldn’t believe the size of his ****. Compared to sissy boy’s (about 5 inches) Neil had a good three and a half inches on him. A half hour later sissy boy came in the living room and knelt on the floor in front of me in his submissive position. “I’ve finished my chores Mistress is there anything I can do for you now?” “Go upstairs and put on your new black chemise and a pair if your black bikini panties then come back down here.”

I had Neil get undressed while sissy boy changed. Wow what a beautiful co ck; cut straight and long with a nice big head. I knelt in front of Neil and started sucking him. I could only get a little more than half of it in my mouth but I knew sissy boy could take it all. When my husband entered the living room I had as much of Neil’s **** in my mouth that I could take. “Mistress what are you doing?” Sissy boy exclaimed. “Shut the fu ck up and stand there and watch me suck this beautiful co ck.” I continued on for a few more minutes then took Neil’s co ck out of my mouth and stroked him. I looked up at Neil and asked him if he thought my husband looked nice in his little nighty? Neil said he thought sissy boy had nice legs and a nice *** as well. “Turn around and show Neil your a~ss sissy boy.” My husband turned and lifted his nighty so Neil could get a good look at his tight little butt. When he turned back around I asked him; “you want to suck this co ck don’t you sissy boy?” “Yes Mistress I would love to suck his co ck for you.” I got up and sat on the sofa next to Neil as my husband knelt down between his legs.

My husband took Neil’s co ck in his right hand leaned in and opened his mouth. He sucked on Neil’s co ck for a few minutes getting use to it size and when I thought he was ready I told him to take all of it just like I did when he sucked my rubber co ck. With that sissy boy took a deep breath and pushed all of Neil’s co ck down his throat. He stroked Neil’s co ck with the head in his throat for 15 to 20 seconds at a time. Neil was moaning louder and louder; he had his hands on the back of my husband’s head pushing his co ck deeper in to sissy boy’s throat. “OMG he’s licking my balls” Neil yield as he held my husband’s head down on his co ck. All of a sudden Neil stood up and grabbed his co ck with his right hand and started jacking it. He put his left hand on my husband’s head poisoning him as sissy boy opened his mouth. Neil shot load after load in my husband’s egger awaiting mouth. I got down on the floor next to Neil and watched as he filled my husband’s mouth with his *****. When Neil was done I ordered sissy boy to show me his *** filled mouth; when I saw the white cream floating in his mouth I ordered him to swallow. He closed his mouth swallowed then opened it again to show me it was all gone, then he turned back to Neil and licked what *** was dripping from Neil’s softening ****.

We met Neil several times that year and I each time Neil fu cked both of us; he also sucked my husband co ck when I sucked him. But as all good things that too came to an end when Neil took a job out of state.
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What a lucky man was Neil.

i am sissy boy to my wife for 15 years i wear panties an my **** lock in chastity
i wear bra at home an night gown sleeping if not just in panites
have o thad sex with wife since then she will **** my ***** hole an i will use goys on her to get her going

my friend was over one day she was out an i suck his **** an she came home ealry to see me do that an said im a good sissy **** sucker

such a great story wouldnt mind doing that with you

my wife ivites boys over when i think we are having GIRL SHE THEN DRESS HIM IN PANTIES AND PLAYS WITH HIM. SHE LIKES TO WATCH HIM BLOW ME i LIKE IT BUT NOT SO MUCH She then said I had to blow him real good or we would never play out again.

Very nice story and thoughts. I like the way in which you Dominate your husband. I would be happy to discuss this..<br />
<br />