I'm his bad girl, his naughty girl. I'm his for the taking.

When i ride him, he slaps my *** and yells in my face that i'm nothing but his bad girl. I ride him harder pushing myself down as far as i can go.

And to this he responds with anger because he knows i want him deeper in me.

He grabs my waist and flips me to my stomach, he takes a second and runs his hand down the length of my back. Then he rams his hard c0ck into my ***. I let out scream. I was grateful for what  little lube the juices in my wet p*ssy left on his c0ck.

He pulls backwards but doesnt pullout, and softly says "you wanted me deep in you, didnt you?" i lay there, not saying a word as i clutch my pillow. He starts smaking my ***. "you wanted me deep in you, didnt you bad girl?

"yes, i wanted you deep in me"

he starts spanking me harder "this was for taking me deeper without asking"

i lay there, taking my punishment. As he contiunes spanking me, i can feel a deep burning between my thighs, my p*ssy. It still wants him. He stops as if he has read my mind.

"my bad girl wants me, doesnt she"

"yes, you're bad girl wants you. She's craving for you. She wants you buried deep"

He starts pounding my *** with his hard ****, grabbing my hair and pulling my head backwards so i can see him through the mirror.

"look! that's you! that's a ******* bad girl! she's nothing but a dirty c*nt"

"yes, master, she is. she's worthless, she doesnt deserve her master's c0ck in her ***." as i'm saying this to him, he drives deeper and deeper. ripping my tight *** to shred, making it his own, not caring if i'm hurt. He pulls back out and then takes a breath and says, "you're a ******* dirty ****, you dont deserve my *** in your ***. i want you to beg for it."

"master, please. shove your c0ck her *** and ***, she want you to make this tight *** yours. I know she doesnt deserve it, but she wants to make her body yours."

he just looks at me and shakes his head no

MASTER **** ME!!! **** ME LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW! I AM  YOUR ******* DIRTY ***** I AM NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF SH*T C*NT! **** MY *** AND *** IN ME! he shoves his **** deep in me, much farther than he has been before. I scream in pain as his hot *** fills my ***. He moans as he goes over.

He doesnt pull out, and he starts spanking me agian. Only to get me aroused even more.

"you liked that didnt you, you dirty girl?"

"yes, your dirty girl did like that"

He pulls out and motions for me to bend over the bed. I follow his orders without a second thought. he walks across the room and pulls a padle from the dresser. he walks back over to me and starts striking me with his paddle. "you're a bad girl, arent you?"

"yes master" i whimpered as the blows became harder

"do you like being spanked bad girl?"


he lets out a soft moan and strikes one more time but this time it was full force, causing me to yelp out in pain.

He lays the paddle in front of my face as he moves behind me. He grabs my hips and buries his c0ck deep in my p*ssy.

"AH!" was all i could manage to get out as he started driving his c0ck in me. It feels so good even with the sting from the paddle.

he continues ******* me as i moan out in pleasure and telling him how much i'm not worthy of his c0ck.

He pounds me with everthing he has. "bad girl, when i say *** for me, ***! I want to *** the same time you do."

I nod my head in response.

He slaps my ***, "did you hear me ****"

"yes master"

He pounds me four more times and tells me "*** now my b*tch"

"AHHH! Master!" i start ******* over his c0ck, i can feel it running down my leg. "Yes! That's my bad girl"

He slowly pulls out and moves backwards, i turn my head and look at him. "Master?"

"on your knees"

"yes sir"

I move towards him, not daring to raise my head. I get to him and he pulls my head by the hair on my head. "clean me off"

I do as he tells me, i move my head forward but i felt pain on the back of my head. He still had me. I looked up at him with question in my eyes. "clean me off" i pull my head towards him agian, the pain returns. Knowing that he wants me to clean him off, i bear the pain and lick his c0ck, trying to move closer to his balls.

After a minute of licking him, i look up at him

"master? may i suck you dry?"

"yes you may bad girl" he responds and at the same time, letting go of my hair. i take his c0ck in my mouth and deep throat him first. he lets a slight moan. I start sucking him, wanting him agian. I wanted him like a starving child. His moans get deep and then without warning he startig *******, i respond by taking the length of his entire c0ck in my mouth. Letting his ******* slide down the back of my throat. . .

I slowly move back, not daring to leave one drop of *** on him.

I look up at him with wide eyes,

"shower you dirty *****" i walk off and does as he tells me.  When i get in the restroom, i smile and shower quickly. Because i know that this will take place again as soon as i get out of the shower.

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Love this story. Am looking for my own submissive lover. Any takers?

i loved this. im new to the D/S world but i have a wonderful dom who pleases me as i do him. there isnt nothing i wouldnt let him do to me.

mmmm I like

yes I agree with others. That was hot and that's what I wish my husband would do that to me without thinking or seeing me as a "****".

eh...the name calling and breaking down so isnt my thing. Ive had a Master for 2 years now and he wouldnt think of calling me a rotten dirty infected piece of ****. lol. he usually calls me ' Mine' or ' Masters little ****" which i find entertaining since thats what he brings out in me. from what iv'e read around the net seems 50 shades of grey being reffered to as a rated R version of twilight...there are alot of young girls (hell....not even just the young ones) ,getting involved with A$$hole men because they think that's what a m/s relationship is.. Most women enjoy a more dominant personality in a man. which gets confused with an abusive relationship. girls read twilight and want to be vampires lost in the fantacy..they read 50 shades and want to be submissives. all i can say to the people that want in on the lifestyle is to do your research. never enter something you arent possitive you want. and a guy telling you to get him a *%$#ing beer and shut your mouth isnt what a Dom/Sub-Master/Slave relationship is about.

Pffff, some hot story.
Am on the verge of bringing this in pactice. As my girl has shown her submissive side.

Hello everyone.... I am 30 years old, female. I am a nurse, no kids I am seeing someone.
I have to admit after reading 50 shades of grey........ I am very interested in this life style ;) being a sub seems something I would love to do. Obeying and aiming to please sounds like I can very much do
I would like to meet a Dom with experience and willing to talk me through
This whole new world......

Be very careful. There are many who claim to be Doms and they can be very dangerous. A good Dom is very patient and will not rush you into anything. He will answer every question you have without hesitation. Just remember this. You might also want to join the website \"leather and roses\". It is a good resource for someone new to the lifestyle. Good luck to you.


HMmm. .. Always wanted a submissive chick like you .. Thank you very much for sharing that.

oh this is very sexy i would love to do this to u or any girl

my god i wamt this from my master

A submissive male can feel quite similar. With a dominant female or male.

I am just starting out on that road I am now so looking forward to it thank you

This kind of "fantasy" can lead to a bad vaginal infection--hope you didn't need antibiotics after allowing him to put his penis into your vagina right after he had it in your ***.

That was breath taking. I forgot to breathe, my teeth seemed to grip my lip. Very well done.

wow just wow

Awesome. I got wet reading your story... ;-)

Awesome. I got wet reading your story... ;-)

Awesome. I got wet reading your story... ;-)

I love this, this is exactly what my daddy/dom and i like to do when we roleplay!!!!!

That was delicious. Pretty well what happend to me

Wow, very hot story. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

Wow, very hot story. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

that was hot to bad you dont have another one


that made me quite wet!

awesome story!! it kept me on edge and wanting more! i didn't want to stop!! love it!! 83

It was great reading this story!! It amazes me how much the verbal can create excitement! From what I have learned about the D/s relationships is once the woman craves the verbal humiliation as a compliment from her Dom she is turned out!!?? She is his..?? thanks HerAlterEgo...

Whatever rocks your boat there are many sides to love

love your story HerAlterEgo i love being submissive and dominated too . looking for a master to obey his every command . love to be his slave too. he come into my house slaps me for not pleasing my master , he yells at me as i whimper take off your pants and panties and i say yes master he tells me to put my hands on the bed pulls out a belt and spanks my bare bottom as punishment for not pleasing my master . he grabs my arm as i dare not say anything . and i say yes i've been a bad boy he orders me to turn around he sticks **** deep inside of me then he pulls it out he says you don't deserve my **** in you . would love to have your master to share and obey his every command.

Great story, congratulations, very hot, very hot

ok no matter how many times i read this story i get hot and start cummin

... you can setling your self very nicely. I don't think it just your fantasy - at least, you tell me if you own your experience and feel satisfy by the roles of naughty girl like that - Anyway, i really want to know you more closer.<br />
Taste me as your friend, babe! I know how dirt you are in my dream - maybe, i can get my share while you tell the sensation being ****! ...let me be your friend!<br />

...just pick it up - I really enjoying you to my self. If there a master own you- ask him ...can I borrow you for a week or two, to fill my Cage! In Fantasy, you can come closer in my side...I know your Master can gain more advanced after I return you back! Try me, babe... You are amazing Slave - Keep that way as always ( also in Reality, LOL )

Pop, Yes and yes.

He got what he wanted. What about you? did you realy like it?

Thank you cj.

U write amazingly well! I am wet from your story. I can't wait till he gets home tonight! I am already ready for my spanking!

But not without a bf

I'm glad you think so! Thanks Mistress Jade


That it is. I will miss him greatly. He was only in my area for a short time (Tx) then he had to return home to finish his schooling out in Kentucky. <br />
<br />
And well I'm glad it made you feel that way.

well that is a shame to be Master Less, it is a project easy to remedy thou....nice story it made me so ******* hot, made me want to take dirty *****.....Master Edward

: ) <br />
<br />
Sorry hun if fantasy was only reality <br />
<br />
but thank you for the offer ;) *kisses*

i'd be ur master

Heh, thanks for the comment! <br />
<br />
I would love to, but one i dont really have the time at the moment. And two, i'm masterless : (

Damn ok im There<br />
Will you read me another story before bedtime =)

Thank you for the comment ddd!!

Thank you very much foster! I'm glad it made you feel that way.

You're welcome and thank you both!

Nice story.

that was delicious! thank you so much for sharing.