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How To Please Your Mistress.

I would kneel before her and allow her to walk around me and inspect her property. My head would stay down untill she allowed me to speak.

May I speak mistress: at this point when I have permission, I will ask if I can stand and kiss her ..

"May I kiss you mistress "; she allows me to do as I wish..
I will kiss her lips gently and her neck.. breathing in her scent..I will kiss her cheecks and move back to her lips and biting the lower lip and suck.

I will then ask mistress if I can kiss her lower still..

"May I kiss you lower Mistress"; she is being so generous and allows me to move lower.. I kiss her right breast then her left breast. Taking hold of her nipples and squeezing them hard. Then flicking my tongue over them fast. Finally biting them, until I hear her moan.

I ask her again if I can kneel again for her and kiss what I want so desperately want :

"Can I mistress? "

I get back to a kneeling position and grab hold of her hips .. I kiss her stomach and then her inner legs.. moving to the pubic bone ..kissing and licking and breathing her in.
I run my tongue along her lips and find them wet and ohh so sweet, I push my tongue in further and find her **** and suck hard. My hands travel up to her breast and squeeze and I take hold of the nipples and squeeze even harder.. my mistress is hot and moaning and I so desperately want to make her ***.

I continue sucking on her **** and then bring my fingers down and speard her lips further and **** her with my tongue .. I am moaning, she is moaning and she grabs onto my hair and pulls...

I look into her eyes and ask if I could finger her now.. she says yes ..
I insert one finger and it slides right in, then another and I slide them in and out in nice fluid motions the I pinch her **** hard and she moans.. I add another finger and pump harder and harder until I know she is on the verge and I suck on her **** like I am milking her.. she screams and I am so pleased I have pleased her..she grabs on to my hair harder and I know she has ***.. I could do this all night long ..

gingerpie71 gingerpie71 36-40, F 8 Responses Apr 13, 2012

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Very hot!

think i might say ,gingerpie my sweets you look so sweet & sexy & smell as good ,would you like me to eat you out to nite ??

Wow Ginger, besides passionately and lovingly written, I'll hazard to say you've allowed us to peek deep inside.

Maybe a little peek..

Oh you naughty girl! :-)

Nice story gingerpie. I like the less than "traditional" interaction between Mistress and her sub you portray here. Lots of pleasing going on for both, the key to a successful relationship ... regardless of type.

hello, ginger, would your MISTRESS and you consider a MAN ?

I wonder, would you do it after she has been pleasured by another man? If she is into it are you ready to perform for her? It is her right as a woman to have anyone anytime she wants. Do you agree?

That was quite exciting, Ginger.

Thanks Doctorian.glad u like it:)