It Finally Happened The Continuation...

I lie in the darkness as instructed. My heart is racing and my breath erratic and heavy. My hands bound above my head to the bed posts.

My ears are straining for any sound. Listening carefully for an indicator to tell me where he went or when he’ll be back. I am sure at this point that he is testing me to see if I’ll call for him or if I’ll continue to obey his order to stay here until he is ready for me again.
Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity I hear footsteps. My heart starts pounding again as my mind comes up with every scenario imaginable of what is to happen next. I start to feel a throbbing between my legs in anticipation…

The door opens, and all I can see is his silhouette against the light from the staircase. “Are you ready for your reward?” The sound of his voice is exquisite after sitting in silence. “Yes Sir.” My voice is quiet and subdued.

He leans in to kiss me, but stops and hovers over my face. I can feel his breath on my mouth. Wanting to feel his touch more than anything I sit up and meet my lips to his. He grabs the back of my neck pulling my face away from his. “Did I ask you to kiss me?” he asks. I can hear the strength and confidence in his voice, making me all the more aroused. Remembering my place I apologize.
He turns me over onto my stomach and once again I feel his hand on my bottom. He reminds me that tonight was not about my needs or wants with 5 hard & loud smacks.

I stay put when he is finished awaiting his next instruction. ..”What do you want for pleasing me earlier?” he asked. My first instinct was to tell him how much I wanted him inside me, and how badly I wanted him to make me ***, but before I could answer I realized that this was not a question…this was a test. “I want whatever you want to give me Sir” I answered (proud of myself for thinking before answering).

He continued to test me…“So if I wished to reward you by letting you return upstairs to sleep in your own bed instead of leaving you here for the night you would accept that?”

I took a deep breath and answered (hoping that this was not his plan), “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” was his response. He untied my hands, helped me to my feet and kissed me on the lips.

“What next Sir? I asked.

“Head upstairs. I’m sure you’re tired after a long day, and I’ll allow you to sleep upstairs with me for pleasing me.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. I started walking towards the door, as I reached the stairs I felt his fingertips dig into my hips. He pushed me down to my knees and laid me face down across the stairs. He pushed hard into me and started thrusting harder and harder. With one hand on my breast and one hand pulling my hair I felt myself start to get close to ******. He continued to pump fast and deep in to me grunting with his own pleasure. Another deep thrust took me over the edge. Every muscle in my body tensed. As I screamed in ecstasy I felt his teeth sink into my shoulder. As my ****** came to an end, he turned me over and spilled his hot *** all over by body.

I stayed on the staircase exhausted and recovering for a moment. He composed himself and returned upstairs. I followed shortly after him, showered, cleaned up, and laid down to bed. He draped his arm around me. In his arms I felt protected & safe. I. Am. His.

I am looking forward to exploring this new part of our relationship further, but my first real experience with this couldn’t have been better. Thanks for reading. I enjoyed sharing, and remembering each detail as I recalled the events of that night.
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Very hot story !! Thanks for the ****** !!

thats a ******* hott!! thanks for the story!!

Sounds like you had a hell of a lot of fun :o)

Very hot enjoyed reading very much xx

Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing night. I'm glad he was able to be so firm with you and that you were able to submit; it makes it more fun that way I think:-)