I Need To Keep My Mouth Shut!!

I have been doing good for a while no trouble for me, Well I thought. This weekend was the KY Derby and we had lots of friends and family over. My mom spent the weekend with us and I guess I thought that gave me the go to act stupid. Friday night my daddy got my b** for not knowing when to shut my mouth. Saturday I kept on, thought I was out of trouble because we went to bed with no punishment........WRONG. Sunday night I got the paddle. He started with 5 then moved on Whac, Whac, Whac!!! After 25 hits with the paddle he was finally done and my a** was killing me!! I swear once a week my Daddy kills my bottom. I know I deserved every one. Friday night he made love to me it was wonderful. With my mom in the other room he said it felt like we were sneaking, Love it!!
joshslittlegirl joshslittlegirl
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

It's creepy calling someone u r married to your daddy...seriously!?!

I have a feeling that you are close with your dad. I find it weird and awkward as well (no offense Joshslittlegirl, glad you two have found what works for both of you), but its because I am very close to my dad. I have found that most people who do call their husbands daddy were not close to their fathers. Not sure if thats the case for this writer, but it has been what I found often. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people can't say it. BE OPEN, you don't need to like everything someone else says or does. You are not the person that can tell everyone else how to live.

I did tell her how to live...just told her the truth in this comment.l.

I see what you are saying. I belong to a group, http://www.freewebs.com/disciplineandlove/, where most of the women have a hard time, getting their men to be dominant. I may be mistaken, and it is that they have a hard time finding a man who wants to be dominant, and not that they enjoy the spankings, but that is what I thought they said. What I am sure of, because I attend their chats is that they consistently can't find men who will accept the role of being dominant. My situation is reverse in that I am dominant, but my wife does not want to be submissive, accept for occasional role play. I love her a lot, so I am fine with that.

It shows ur not dominant by nature then. But I can tell ur not a controlling psycho pig like most of them on here...your wife is luckier than most these women.,.and when it's sex it's different.

No, I am actually passive by nature. I just have a spanking fetish. In reality, I can't force my wishes on my wife, so I don't even try to. I satisfy my wishes via the internet, dvds, fantasy roleplay etc.

Do you get any enjoyment from being spanked? I ask, because I am on an online group of people in dd relationships, and a lot of the submissives enjoy it.

No I would not say I enjoy it. I enjoy that my husband is willing to toad control of our relationship and guide our family in the right direction but no I don't the paddle hitting my bottom 25 to 30 times in a row it is very painful.

Very good that he took care of it. I bet your mother would approve.

Doubt it would consider it abuse.