My Mistress Reads My Ep Stories

I have been writing stories about my D/s relationship on EP since the beginning of May, but I just decided to tell Miss Lilith today. She was not too happy that I had not asked permission before using the site and writing these stories. I told her that I didn't know that I was supposed to ask permission so she was not too mad about it since I an new to this lifetyle. But then she asked me to send her the link to read the stories and I said no. I was scared to let her read them. I told her that EP was my personal place but she said "You are mine. And you didn't even ask me if you could do that. Plus others can see it right? So why can't your owner see? Show it to me now." I knew she was right so I sent her the site and my username. She read all of my stories as I sat their anxiously waiting for what she was going to say about them. When she was finished she told me that she was very happy that she can see how I truly feel about things and she promised that she will never punish me for anything that I write on the site. It is kind of a relief to know that my Mistress knows me and my inner feeling. It brings us closer together.

Does anyone elses Mistress or Master read your stories on EP?
How do you feel about it?
Do you ever get in trouble for things that you write about?
YourLittleAngel YourLittleAngel
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This was the only place i was permitted to write how i felt without fear of being punished as well. Your Mistress is a wise woman, i think it is important for any slave/submissive to have somewhere they can go and be/say what they feel with out the fear of punishment.<br />
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That said, i do think you should have been punished for being on EP without permission and for not passing on the link and your pass word straight away.

Yes my Mistress is a very wise woman and I am so thankful for her. As far as being punished goes, it is always up to her as to whether she punishes me or not but I know that I should have done what she asked me to do the first time. Not talking back is a real challenge for me.