The Foreplay, Part One

I waited for Him to message during the weekend. I was on pins and needles. Excitement and anticipation caused my very nerves to fray almost to a breaking point. I love how this man does this to me. Finally on Sunday after a short text exchange with Him, he said, be here no later than seven, and wear a dress.

A dress? WTF. All of the thoughts started going on in my head, why does he want me to wear a dress, what kind of dress, are we going somewhere. He has never given me any kind of instruction other than come here and be shaved and hydrated. I could barely stand it. Watching the clock. Dealing with the kids. Going about my day. Acting normal and calm when in all reality my heart was racing, my mind going a million miles an hour, my ***** already wet and tingling.

Finally was time to go shopping. I left and went to the store to find something He would like, something I felt sexy in. I was sweating, nervous, excited. I LOVED trying on dresses, looking in mirror, trying to see me how he does. Something so simple, could cause me such intense feelings and thoughts. I finally settled on one. The clerk was talking about matching shoes, I looked a minute, then made a comment about wearing the high heeled sandals I already had in the car, even though not quite a match, I laughed and said something about it not really mattering, none of it would be on long I am sure. She laughed with me.

I went to my friends house to get ready. I was already shaved and bathed. I tried on the dress as she sat there and laughed at me. She loves seeing me in such a tizzy about Him. She makes fun of me and teases as I giggle like an insipid schoolgirl and ask her if she is having fun with this. She was, lol. She liked the dress, said it looked sexy and I knew she would tell me the truth. She isn't one to mince words or sugar coat, so I felt more confidant. We talked as I busied myself getting ready. This kind of getting ready is always so exciting. It feels like getting ready for a first date, x's a thousand on the intense exciting factor scale. No matter how many times I see Him, it is always like a first date. I love getting ready for all of my encounters, it is part of it, but Him, well, it is indescribable, the feelings.

After I am ready, I got a text, make it 7:30, I am running behind. ****. That is like torture. I have survived the wait it is almost time to go there, and then THIS. Her and I decided to go to restaurant so I can have a few cocktails and be distracted, kill some time, and she can eat. I love doing this with her, we talk lifestyle, fetishes, encounters, about her Master, about my men, etc....Its fun and makes me almost forget I am waiting to go see Him. Even though I still look at my phone at least twenty times in the hour. Finally its time, I take her home and head that way towards Him and whatever He will do to me.

That is the most nerve wracking drive EVER. It is almost excruciating. I cannot begin to describe the mix of emotions and feelings I experience during that fifteen minutes or so. Images of past encounters with him, trying not to sweat and remain calm, the conversation with myself in my head, my hands almost shaking, heart beating fast, distracted. I pull up and take a deep breath. Gather my things and get out of the car. The walk up to His door slow, I am in the heels and being extra careful, I see an image of myself sprawled out unsexy like in his front yard, that is surely not something I want to be imagining.

At the door I knock, He opens it, I step in, and there I am catapaulted into another dimension, instantly. My breathe is caught in my throat. My panties are soaked. Nipples rock hard. Neck tingling. Eyes struggling to look at Him and yet floating to the floor, then back at Him, then back down. Cheeks flushed and red. Grinning stupidily. I think of these moments now and wonder if I will always feel like this in front of Him. I have experienced feelings similar to this with other men, not often, but I have. But never after the first time, never. Not like this. I wonder what it is about this particular man that does this to me. I wonder if He does it on purpose. Does He know what is going on in my head and body at the mere ******* thought of Him? Ridiculous and yet undeniable.

His smile could melt butter. Absolutely melt butter. It most certainly melts me. I think He has to be one of the sexiest men I have ever been that close to in all my life. I dont even normally think in terms of that. I am attracted to minds, to people, He is just the whole package to me. Not only mentally is He attractive to me, but overwhelmingly visually. I am not one of those women that go gaga over men and their outward appearance, I laugh at women who do that. But when I look at Him, I am taken aback by how ******* incredibly sexy, handsome and overall yummy He really is. I can only think of touching Him. Tasting Him. Feeling Him. Getting as close to Him as I can.

He laughs at me. He always does. I am not quite sure what He is laughing at, other than me, lol. Perhaps my reaction, my inability to form coherant sentences, or just that He knows what is going on in my head. But He laughs. I am humiliatingly aroused by this. He takes my hand and puts it up over my head and tells me to do the same with the other one and to not move them. I am almost shaking. He touches me, walks around me, looks me up and down, stands behind me and runs his hands up my legs moving my dress with it. I think He said I need to wear dresses more often. I am hard pressed to remember what all he says in the begining of my visit.
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May 16, 2012