After The Foreplay, Part Two

As Paul Harvey would say, "And now, the rest of the story". Part one, while being a close, deep and humiliating look into my mind about the thoughts and feelings that preceded my encounter with Him, is the easiest part. My mind while racing and exciting is still functioning at a pretty normal (well, normal for me, lol) level. The minute I am in front of Him, and especially once His hands and/or lips are on me, well, my mental capability noticeably diminishes. So even though only He knows the exact turn of events, the words, the actions, my retelling and recollecting of it may be a bit skewed, perhaps not exactly in chronological order.

I believe I left off with me standing in front of Him, in the dress and heels. My arms up over my head. Him standing in front of me, then behind me, around me back to in front of me. Me looking sheepishly away from Him, grinning stupidly, wanting to touch Him so badly. Not daring to. Trying to listen to Him and do whatever He says, when He says. I have to ask Him a lot, hmm? what? what did you say? I hate doing it, but I cant seem to help it. His voice is low when He speaks and my mind is in ten different directions and I have a hard time comprehending what comes out of His mouth. I know He doesn't like repeating Himself and I hate when I find myself having to ask Him to.

He took my arm and led me to the couch/futton thing in the living room. Told me to sit and lay back. Every nerve ending in my body felt raw. I am not even sure what He did, or when He did it. Bits and pieces go through my mind. His hands on me, up my leg, pulling my breast out, sucking on my nipples, biting maybe, hands in my panties. His hands and mouth leave a trail over my body that feels like fire. Everywhere He touches or kisses or bites or licks experiencing. I cant even look at him, I close my eyes sometimes, sometimes I open them and look up at the ceiling or over to my side.

I do remember Him telling me to keep my hands at my side. Not to touch Him. This is extremely hard for me to do. My instinct is to grab for Him. I literally ache to touch Him, feel Him. I love the way He feels under my hands. I don't even know what that is about with me. Touching. Skin to hand, skin to body, skin to mouth. It is a need for me. Not always, not with many, it seems to be when I feel sub, especially when I am feeling overwhelmingly submissive and passionate about someone. Several times I would lift my hands and He told me to put them back. I don't really remember His words, but I did catch His tone. He meant it. He did say at one point that was going to be my only warning after that I would suffer the reprocussions. To tell you the truth, I am not sure if I were able to obey completely or not.

How weird is that? Shouldnt I remember? Did I get in trouble? Did I do what He told me? Did I obey? If not, did He punish me? Were some of the hits I remember from that? From me not listening and lifting my hands to Him? I have no idea. I think I did pretty good, but I am not sure. I have a feeling if I hadn't, I would most certainly remember it.

Then came the blindfold. Now, I will say this, sensory deprivation is one of my favorite things to do, recieving and giving. There is something about taking away one or two of someones senses that does it for me. Being blindfolded is an incredible feeling for me. I love the freedom that comes from being blindfolded and how I can so completely lose myself to feelings. Its much more intense than just closing ones eyes. I totally forget about are my **** going to the side and looking crazy, is He looking at my fat tummy, or my stretch marks, things I never even think of when I am on top or in a session as Domme. I am not sure why it makes a difference and takes away from my self consciousness, but it does. I can not worry about trying to make myself look at Him. It is just so much easier to let ones mind go when sight is taken away. It also makes touch and anticipation all the more effective and intense and pleasurable.

So the blindfold was on and I was told to get on my knees and lean over the back of the couch thing and get comfortable. I think I was naked by this point, except for the shoes which I think is just absolutely hot. He then proceeded to do things to me. I cant even begin to tell you everything, because I have no idea. I will tell you that something was in my *** and *****, not sure if it was just his hands and fingers, there was a hitachi on my ****. His mouth occaisionally biting my *** cheek or hitting it. I was flogged, spanked, finger ******, bitten, hit and I am not even sure what else until I was a *******, dripping, squirting pile of quivering flesh. I was begging Him to stop. Several times I yelled at Him to please stop and I could hear Him laughing at me.

That is the strangest feeling. Wanting something to stop and yet not wanting it to. Thinking I cannot stand another ******* minute of something and then feeling that wave of pleasure coming back up to engulf me. Bucking my *** and hips and straining to get away one minute, to moving towards whatever He is doing and saying please dont stop the next. Something starting to hurt and within a short period of time feeling incredibly pleasurable. Yelling pllleeeassseee ************ pllleeaassee stop please please please. Hearing Him laugh and say are you sure? You want me to stop? Me saying, I dont know, oh my ******* gawd, I dont know. Finally Him stopping and me catching my breath. I remember laying there, trembling. Totally in another world. Feeling like a limp noodle. Weak.

Im not sure how long I lay there, I dont think long. Then I was allowed to turn and touch Him. I wanted to rip His ******* clothes off. I couldnt get Him naked fast enough. It was all I could do to be able to hear Him say, careful with the zipper, and slow down a second and be careful with the zipper. Finally I had them undone and I had Him in my mouth. Now, I have always been a very oral person. Some women play at ***********. I LOVE it. Again, not with all men. But during my sexual forays, there have been some men that I just absolutely lose myself in this act. Especially since my journey down the path of bdsm as a submissive. This man, puts it on a whole new level for me. Sucking His **** is almost like a religious experience for me. The passion and zest and hunger I have for Him at times like this is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I want Him in my mouth and I want Him in my mouth right THEN. That feeling of having my hands on His body, His ***, His balls, His thighs, His tummy, His chest as I am shoving my mouth onto Him is something I do not think I will ever tire of. I could sit there and do that for hours.

Typing this now, as I am trying to find the words to describe it, I think about my own experiences with male subs. The way they worship my *****, the way they beg for it, to taste it, see it, touch it, lick it, smell it as I laugh at them. I always think that my submission to a Dom is so much different than the way men subs submit to me. I have always thought, and even said, that male subs are so much more eager, needy and pathetic than women subs, that it is two different ball games. This man dispells that myth. I am every bit as pathetic and needy and eager for Him, about Him as my subs have been to/for me. He is the closest I have gotten to experiencing what I have read about **** worshiping. I absolutely cannot get enough of Him and doing that with Him.

I think perhaps that is one of the biggest draws to Him for me. He makes me feel like I make subs feel for me. He brings that out in me. I have had some wonderful encounters, intense ones, fun ones, even powerful ones. I have been involved in some elaborate scenes. Ive met some wonderful friends and playmates. Learned a lot about not only myself but people in general. This man has been the first one to truly make me feel the way I make my own ***** men feel. I AM that sub, that *****, that weak assed **** when it comes to Him. I just am. That is the reality of it.

I got off tract I believe. This is turning into a novella. Let me wrap this up. I think the most imporant thoughts have already been written. I will say we had the best sex, not once but twice after this. I love feeling Him inside of me. I love to be on my knees, with Him behind me. Thats usually the only way I like sex, I actually like Him on top of me too. I dont normally like that. I do with Him. I like to have Him looming over me, being able to look at Him as He ***** me. I love my senses being overwhelmed. Feeling His beautiful **** going in and out of me while being able to look at His body, His face, His eyes, the way His arms look, looking at my **** and the way his hands look on me. I like putting my fingers in His mouth as we **** and Him biting them. I love wrapping my hand around His head, kissing Him. His lips, His forehead, His neck. Feeling his nipples under my hand, His chest. I love hearing Him talk to me, say things. I love saying things back to Him. I love telling Him how ******* incredibly wonderful He makes me feel.

There was some cuddling, showers, talking, drinking and then getting ready to go home. I floated out of there and drove home with my head full of images and feelings of the night. I loved the next morning waking up and feeling sore. Loved seeing the marks. A bite mark on my wrist is my favorite. I was on top of Him as we ****** when He did that one, I think I squirted all over Him when He bit down. I texted Him and said, DAMN, what did you DO to me. I am sore from my *** cheeks all the way around and up to my battered and sore ****. Even today, two days later, I was showering and found bruises on my inner thigh sort of, looks like fingerprints, I dont even remember getting them. I ran my hands over them in the shower.

Even more powerful, I love the marks you dont see. The ones I feel. His mark. Those are the ones that make this encounter and every encounter with Him ones that will always be intense and special to me.

The end.
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This was fantastic. I want to thank you personally for writing and articulating what my sub can't say to me. I catch snippets of what you have written in what she says to me. It turns me on that she may be thinking this. I think I'll print it, have my sub read it, and listen to what she says about it. Thank you for writingthis ad me as a friend.

thats ******* hott.