The Reason

I am not a weak woman. I am not meek or docile by nature. I do not seek approval from others. I do not bow or cast my eyes downwards as a demonstration of respect to anyone and everyone. I do not bare my skin, my emotions, my soul to anyone. I do not let anyone in. I am a fighter, I have a warrior spirit, I am an alpha female and that is my nature.

All of the above becomes null and void for You

For you I let down the walls, expose the vulnerabilities, soften my voice, need your approval, want you to be so proud of me, cast my eyes down when you scold me, bare my body and soul and let you in. The warrior grows silent, the alpha sleeps, and the raging waters still. This is my will. My will I give to you. Not just to anyone. You are not anyone. You are The One. The One and Only. Until my dying breath. You. Because you are worthy of what is truly me. Underneath it all, the core of me, the unblemished and untainted me. The one I seldom let anyone see. This I give because of what I see in you: the paradigm of honor, fierce integrity, unending love, an incredible father, comforter, protector, provider, a gift of a husband. An alpha male that I proudly step behind and choose to follow.

For you, I'll swallow my pride, bite my tongue, and serve you, not because you are better, not because you are male,but because you and you alone, are worthy.
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8 Responses May 22, 2012

Thank you so much for sharing such an intelligent, eloquent and beautifully written piece. I admire and respect your choices, you have echoed the thoughts in my own heart and mind, and you have given me hope that I will find someone like that. x

very true, very true..... I am just waking up to what I truly want.... now I have to get over my own self-destructive and negative tendencies and surge forward for my new goals... but believe me the negatives are now being outweighed by the positives!

ahhhh, the feeling of sweet surrender. :)

Wow, this was so beautiful, you write soo well Sofia :o)


My word, girl! This is fantastic! So beautiful and revealing. Thank you for posting it. I can identify with so much of what you wrote. Different situations, different people bring out different sides of my personality. With my husband, I have such incredible peace and fulfillment in submitting to him and giving him me. And that has everything to do with who he is.

You're right. It's about the man. He has my complete obedience, and it's nothing to do with the strap but because I want to honour him

Beautiful. Just beautiful. You're a lucky woman.

What an intelligent post, showing tremendious strength of character. I hope he knows how lucky he is!

This is one of the most humbling posts I've read here. Thank you for sharing it with us, it's a privilege. I hope your husband knows how you feel and gets a chance to read this.