Edward Cullen (twilight) Is An Awful Domiannt

I don't get you people. Who think twilight is such an ideal relationship 


Take it from me, I have had submissive fantaises for a vERY long time, but if there was a female version of Edward Cullen I would  end up choking her. I would not submit to that. I ronically this is one of those places in which traditonally submisive characters end up making the best dominants. why? because GIVING A **** ABOUT SOMEONES WELL BEING OTHER THAN WANTING TO BE WTIH THEM IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING IN CONTROL-holy ****! Edward is Posessive and controlling and does not LOVE Bella, he loves how she makes him FEEL. sadly millions of misguided young women define this as "Romance"

You want to know who I'd EYE as  a particularly good dominant? go look at full metal panic. Teletha Tessarosa.

Or .... The girl Robb stark is in love with, on game of thrones right now on the latest ep. she as a subtle sort of control over him, if you haven't noticed. She made him feel less than and want to be a better man. 

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The guy who plays him isn't attractive either. I think Christian Grey is worse.

I totally agree. He is a fake *** dominant if anything. Bella is also a poor submissive (I think) since we're comparing. What makes a good dominant?

it's not that edward is "weak" to me it's that edward is a self concerned selfish ultra-posessive paranoid narcissitic abusive psycho who destroy's bella's car, etc. The guy is a grade a ******* who all women should be trying to avoid, but somehow he comes off like a bed of roses because apparetnally some like to feel "wanted" and possessiveness "Helps" that" I think jealousy is a huge sign of an unhealthy relationship and of the jealous partners insecurity;. see where I see I've done polyamory for so long if I got "cheated" or or my woman slept with some other man i'd just be happy she enjoyed herself. I'm serious. I'd call to make sure she was fine, but I don't think i'd be hurt. You know why? because I realize that it doesn't really matter who someones with as much as it does who they keep coming back to. I guess my point here is that even though i'm a switch with submissive fantaises and preferences I think i'd rather take a partner who was super empathetic and caring about me and just wanted me ot be happy but happened to be submissive and forced me into the dominant role any day of the weak over a brutal dominant. the name of the game is caring dominiton and edward cullen is terrible at that.

For me being dominant is more just about wanting at LEAST her to cover 50 if not 50.0+1 of the convo, or make at least than much of the choices we make. I'd want to totally surrender control of the finances to her though. Total submission.

Well I could never do the polyamory thing. But hey if that works for you then great! I wasn't sure what you were referring to about E.C. I agree that jealousy is an unhealthy sign of a relationship. A good dominant would not allow doubt to enter into the submissives mind. I myself am having a hard time with my Master right now. But I still am in slave training. Look at my post and see if you can help!