The Beginning.

My mother was a drug addict. She had moments of clarity but mostly my life was one of neglect and random people appearing in my life. I soon learned to fend for myself.
My only gift was my looks. I grew up early. I was tall and skinny with a pretty face. I soon discover some boys like this look and flocked round me.
Attention got them sex. Sex but not satisfaction for me, they were boys.
My life began at a party. I had a few drinks and as usual was in a short skirt, heels and top with no bra.
There was an older man there, hansom, strong. He chatted to me, not like a boy but like a man. I loved this attention and we went outside and talked, talked about me for a change. He did not try to grope me or anything like the boys did, he was interested in me.
I gave him my phone number.
A few days later I had almost forgotten about the part the phone rang. My mother answered and passed it onto me. I immediately recognised his voice and arranged to meet him in local art gallery.
We looked at the pictures and discussed them. He then spoke about relationships and feelings. I open up to him and felt like he could understand me. He did.
I went back to his apartment. It was neat, clean, posh. So different from my world.
We had a drink and discussed things. Again, I opened up to him and felt like I could speak. He then asked me if the boys ever took control of me. Told me what to do. I said mostly they just wanted to *** as quickly as possible. He laughed and asked me if I was interred in alternative sexuality.
I was.

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