He was quite particular. It was strange, His ****** was not the sole purpose of His existence.
I was to arrive at his flat and let myself with the key he had given me.
I was then to remove all my clothing and knock at the living room door and await his command.
I was exited, my heart pounded in my chest as I ******** off and neatly folded my clothes and placed them on the telephone table.
I tiptoed along to the living room and knocked.
I waited.
I walked into the room naturally covering myself as I did so. He told me stand in front of him and pulled my arms away. In his hand was a riding crop that he adjusted my posture. He had me standing, legs slightly apart, hands behind my head and looking down.
Next he made me stand on tiptoes. A tap on my buttocks with the crop if I was not holding the position to His satisfaction.
Then I felt his hands, touching me. I resounded to the touch but the stinging sensation on my *** suggested I was to hold my pose. He ran his fingers over my face and neck, over my shoulders, down my back and caressing my buttocks before sweeping round to my belly and up my body to my breasts. He caressed and played with my nipples, making them erect and sensitive to His toying.
Next he sat in front of me and rubbed his hand up and down my legs, caressing my thigh before moving to my ***** and stroking my hair. Next I felt his fingers rub and pull at my lips before slipping a finger inside me. I moaned and relaxed, for which I received a hard thrash from the crop. I had to stand still as his fingers played with my *****. Fingering then rubbing my clitoris. It was torture but the best types of torture possible!
He instructed that I was not allowed to *** unless He expressly permitted it. I nodded and bit my lip to stop my moans.
I suffered for an hour, until his focus changed.
He instructed me to kneel.
He ordred me to take His **** from His trousers.
Then instructed me how to take Him in my mouth.
I sucked and followed instruction. I was so aroused at this point I could feel my dampness between my legs. He instructed me how to use my hand and mouth and soon he was breathing heavily. He grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down His shaft as He came. I then had to show Him His *** before I was allowed to swallow.
Then, frustrated I was sent home.
My head was spinning.
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Kudos to your Master my dear ! He has trained you well. How long has He owned you ? I have a slave that I have owned for over four years and she too is well trained. She belongs to me and is here for my pleasure and mine alone. Again, kudos to your Master.