I arrived at my Master's house and undressed as usual. I knocked at waited at the living room door before entering on my Master's command.
I was shocked to see another man sitting on the sofa and my Master in the kitchen area getting a drink. He walked over to His friend and whispered in His ear before beckoning me over.
Being a trained submissive I did as was told and walked over and stood in position with legs slightly apart and hands behind my head.
My Master started to touch me and invited His friend to do the same. The two men explored my body and discussed me like a possession. It was very arousing and I was soon very exited.
The men obviously felt in need of release as my Master told me to kneel and then suck them. They took it in turns, me sucking while the other held my hair tightly and shoved my mouth up and down the other's shaft.
Next my other holes were required and I was put in different position for the two men to **** all my holes. Finally I had suck them and swallow.
My Master was very pleased and said he would like to share me with more of His friends.
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I understand, just thought I could continue to learn from your old position so that I may guide my next sub. Even better.

Are you allowed to add me so we may speak more?

Did you enjoy this sexually hot moment? Have you had more?