I Like Playing That Role

I'm really not even slightly submissive as a person, nor very Dom either, but I am a control freak.
But sexually I'm also a bottom type and like playing the submissive role for guys. I like having them tell me what to do (and I'll do almost anything anyway), I like being used orally, and I frequently hold my hands behind my back when sucking a guys ****.
Guys frequently need to feel dominant, they're like little boys in so many ways, and I'm glad to play along in their fantasy. And as long as they don't get mean I'll do what they ask.
And I know I'm really in control the whole time, so it doesn't hurt to let them feed their dom fantasies

But if they get mean, I'm outta there, and if they get real mean I've been known to jam a knee in their crotch on the way out... though only a few times has this happened, I'm a generally sweet person
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Sep 9, 2012