Confused When I Miss Him!

Being submissive, makes me dependent on him totally. He has built me up to believe in myself and what I do, but alongside that he makes me need him more and more and rely on him for each and every aspect of my life. This is when I am truly happy and at home, curled up against his thighs, crouched at his feet, snuggled in his lap.

This is what makes it so unbearably hard when we are apart. Ive never wanted to be a needy clingy person, I believe it chases people away. Perhaps i am too aloof. He makes me feel needy and clingy though, not by anything he says or does, this is my issue - but i hate to pester him with text messages over and over saying how much i desperately miss him. I don't function without him. Is this so wrong? It seems paradoxical to me !
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I am so happy to know I am not the only one! My bf is my Dom and we are both new to it and yet I feel that this is my true nature. When I am not with him it really hurts and I feel a little lost. I also just wish to curl up at his feet and kiss his hands. :)

I'm totally the same....I'm consuming all my head space on him. He seems to know exactly what to do and when to do it to get the reaction he wants. I'm scared he's just messing with me. He teases me all the time sexually and this makes me worse

I agree with most of the responses here. In a D/s type relationship the dominant man or woman wants to feel needed as much as the submissive partner does. I don't mind my partner texting or emailing as much as she wants to let me know how her day is, let me know she misses me or wants to know how my day is. Its all those little things that make a bond tighter between two people. Sometimes its less about the big showy acts then it is about the small things that make up a great relationship.

I can flog and whip my sub and she knows how much I care for her. Or I can send her a text message to let her know how much I miss her or to relieve her stress if she is missing me. Both have just as much power.

I am just realising how different a D/S relationship can be in the sence of closeness and trust. Your storey has helped me realise im not the only one out there that is feeling closer to my dom than i have with anyone. We are lucky really. Thanks :)

I feel the same way when I don't see mine. We talk daily, but it just isn't the same. I suppose it makes what little time we do have together more precious. This type of relationship is so much more intense than a more "traditional" one, and there is a level of trust that I have never experienced with anyone else in my life. I think that is why we feel so lost when we aren't physically connected...

We live in an age of disposable everything, and sadly that tends to include relationships. Perhaps this is what makes the intensity, trust, and closeness of D/s relationships seem quite startling, but consider the alternatives, hon. Surely it's much better for two people to be in close orbit around each other than for them to be simply sharing a living space and tolerating each other?

My husband is out of town a lot during the week. He appreciates that I let him know he is missed. I don't text all that often, but I do let him know I love him and miss him while he is gone.

Thank-you :-)