Looking For A Master

I've only recently started getting into the submissive stuff. So, I'm looking here to see if there's a guy or even a girl to tell me what it's like and maybe gimme some online training. I'd also like to sex chat once in a while.
I'm 5'6", I've got golden-blond hair down to my butt, blue eyes, and 36C breasts.
I'm into spanking, choking, gagging during a bj, and I'm curious about anal. I'm also interested in getting tied up, but not that leather straps and ball gags kinda stuff.
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I have worked with two different submissive females...sometimes online, sometimes in person. If you are interested contact me and we can go from there

As a swith i can help from both sides if you would like to chat just add me. .Good luck

I would be happy to show you the way.

You sound like a lot of fun. We should chat sometime. <3