The Intruder

After over a decade of marriage , lets just say, my sex life had been more than dull. From having sex every night, it had come down to a few times a year. There have been times where my husband and I hadn't had sex for three months. This led to me letting my appearance go to the hills. I figured, why should I bother? Then, I received a few strange emails from an unknown sender.

When I first opened the first email I thought it was a prank. Once I received the second email, I told my husband. The emails were short and simple telling me I was attractive and that he had been watching me for a while. The unknown admirer told me a little about himself. He is a married man, has a Dom/sub relationship with his wife, and that he is the Dom in the relationship. His next question was asking me why I don't wear clothes to show off my body. He knew things about me not even my best friend knew. He knew that my sex life was dull and,somehow, he saw it in the way I appeared in public. He described what I was wearing the day before. Needless to tell you, I was a bit worried and scared. Someone, unknown to me, has been watching me, found my email address, and is now getting personal. He wanted to know why I don't wear mini skirts and heels. My husband found the emails every bit stimulating. That night, my husband couldn't keep his hands off my body. We both thought, "WOW!!!! Twice in one month!!!!" The next day my husband urged me to wear a skirt and heels. My husband had taken an interest to my appearance after a very long time. So, I did him the favor. Without thinking, I had pleased the unknown admirer along with my husband. I was truly opposed to someone watching me and sending me emails. I didn't want to please this interloper, but I did want to please my husband.

The next night, I had a party to go to. Once again, hubby wanted me to wear a skirt. It was a kid's party and I didn't feel comfortable wearing a dress and high heels. I gave in once my husband's hands were on my body caressing me, driving me crazy. When we returned home, we had a party of our own, in our bedroom... As one can imagine, I was ecstatic. The email sender, to my surprise, had done wonders to my sex life.

As the emails kept coming, the unknown admirer was getting more and more personal. He wanted me to call my husband my Master, and I had to become his "pet". All this made me very uncomfortable but had turned my husband into a sex maniac. I had already started calling him "Master" something he truly liked it. It turned him on. The stranger had already informed me that he wanted to play a mind game with me, as well as his liking to be called "Sir". Now the game had already started without me knowing it. He wanted me to take my husband out for a drink, wearing a skirt, low cut top and stiletto heels. While at the place, I had to walk around three or four times so people can notice me. He also wanted me to post my experience on this site with a specific username and password, containing a word I would have NEVER chosen for myself. You see, I had already given in to calling my husband my "Master" but being called a "PET"??????? Having trouble with my computer bought me some time to discuss this whole idea with my "Master". My Master really enjoyed the game while I felt unsafe that someone had interfered in my personal life. While I was contemplating, my sex life had gone, once again, cold. After many discussions, and off course, having said things we should have admitted to each other as well as to ourselves, I said yes to the mind game.

Once I got my computer back, I sent Sir an email agreeing to his game. He responded by ordering me once again to go out with my Master for a drink at a near by facility. He also wanted to make me more uncomfortable by taking a "**** Test" on line. I followed his orders blindly. The results of the test were not appealing . I got a very low score, but Sir said I have potential! Another request made by Sir was Master's email so he can personally get in touch with him and ask Master's permission which I did. The first email has already been sent, humiliating Master as well. Master has already given his consent to Sir for training both of us. We are both Sir's pets, and we will both call him Sir.

We just came back from our outing, having followed his orders to the best of my ability. As I am sitting here writing this, my Master is next to me, his hands all over my body. I feel like a honeymooner all over again. I am waiting eagerly for my next email, our next orders to come and obediently followed. The once unwanted trespasser has changed my sex life, as well as my outlook on life in only three weeks.
petsophia petsophia
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012