Useless ****

I have been cding from last 8 years & i always had the desire to be somebodys ****. This dream of mine got fulfilled a few days ago when i finally found my master. I dont take his name only refer to him as my MASTER. He is training me to be his complete **** n pet so i follow every order of his n do whatever he asks me to do just like a loyal pet.
Once he is satisfied with me he will train me to be his pet where he will humiliate me, after all this test when he is satisfied with me he will keep me as his sissy.
I am an useless **** & want to satusfy my master in total and make him happy. I have even uploaded my pics to follow my masters order & to show how submissive to him
SlutAmy SlutAmy
22-25, T
6 Responses Dec 4, 2012

lovly u r.....

i'd love to see an 8 yo crossdressing!!

That is so great you got to live your dream. You have such nice ****. I bet he loves them too. I hope you get to be used with his friends too. I have always dreamed of being gang banged by 10 guys, cuming in my mouth and ***. I want to be tied down and whipped in front of his friends before the use me. I know his friends would call me a sissy when I cry at being whipped.

What a wonderful story!

Hope you manage to satisfy your Master and get kept as his sissy, good luck!

Welcome to **** life , dear SlutAmy !
Regards to your Master !
May you be a great **** !