My Diaper Punishment

The other day was one of the most humiliating punishments that I have received so far.

My bed time on school nights in 10:30pm. On Monday night around midnight I still wasnt sleepy so I decided that I wanted to go out with some friends for a few drink. I knew that I wasnt supposed to but I went anyways. Well I ended up getting really drunk and peed my pants a little. I finally made it home a little after 2 am and I went straight to sleep. The next morning I had class at 8 am but I woke up late so I was late for class. At about 1pm Mistress messaged me and asked me if I had been a good girl. I told her no. She asked me why and I told her the whole story. She was very disappointed in me and told me that I would receive a severe punishment. I agreed without arguing because I knew that what I did was so wrong. I asked Mistress what my punishment would be and she told me that she would decide later. At about 2 pm I was heading home from class and I asked Mistress if I could use the bathroom when I got home. Her response was "No but you can put on one of your diapers when you get home." I was obviously not happy to hear that but I just said yes Mistress because I didnt want to make my punishment worse.

When I got home I put my diaper on and peed in it almost immediately. The diaper quickly got full and thick. Mistress told me that I wasnt allowed to watch any TV and that I had to sit down and get all of my school work done. At 3:00 I told Mistress that I had a meeting to go to at 3:30. She said that I could go. I asked her if I could take my diaper off but she said no. I was shocked. I had never been out of the house with a diaper on before. I wanted to cry. I was going to beg for her to change her mind but I decided not too because I knew I was already in a bunch of trouble. I tried on a bunch of different types of pants to see which ones hit the diaper best. I settled with a loos fitting pair of jeans. I went to my meeting and I dont think that anyone noticed my diaper. It was very quiet so I was super thankful for that but towards the end of the meeting I felt the need to pee again but I was terrified to go in the diaper again because I though it would get even thicker and show. After the meeting I rushed home. When I got there I filled my diaper again. Mistress was pleased with me and let me change my diaper. but before I could put the new one on I had to take the belt and do 5 lashes to my ***** and then 5 to my bottom. After that I had to stand bare bottomed in the corner for almost an hour. When my time was up I was told to put a new diaper on and then go have dinner. I went to dinner with a friend so again, I was worried that some one would notice but it didnt seem like anyone did. (or if they did they didnt say anything) When I got home from dinner I finished up the rest of my school work. When I was finished Mistress asked me if I had learned my lesson and I said yes and gave her a sincere apology. She said that she accepted my apology and that in the morning my punishment would be over. The last part of my punishment was getting sent to bed at 9:30. I got to change in to my "big girl" underwear before bed. I learned my lesson and I will never be so irresponsible again.
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Is this usual for your mistress to give you a double sided spanking cause I've never heard of that before

I'm not sure...

loved your story , I think i will use that punishment

Thank you Sir

That's very good pet,
I hope you have learned your lesson
and won't do something so stupid like that again...

Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress

Ahhh, your Mistress has ensured THAT won't happen again. Quite a lesson! I must say, well done for following her directions completely; that must have been challenging but you did it.

It was very challenging but I didn't want to make it worse.

I completely understand. She seems pleased with you now; well done:)

Thank you :)