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I have a little question for you guys. If you were used to ******* everyday or whenever you felt like it but then you got into a relationship with a Master or Mistress and they never let you come do you think it would be hard for you? I mean like having to go 1-2 months without ******* at all. Having no sexual pleasure at all. Would you think it was fair to be asked to do that with no training first?
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It would be very hard. Buy I'm a Dom.

This is hard but you can do it. By denying you *** it makes you more sensitive and makes your ****** more intense when she does allow it. If it is concerning you approach her on your knees head down and ask for permission to make a request. Then ask her if there is a way for you to "earn" a cumsession. Be humble and accept whatever answer she gives you

Great advice. Thank You Sir.

Personally? No I would consider it very unfair to be asked to do that without any training. Lucky for me I don't have a Master that would ask that of me without training first.

It's not fair. You should reconsider your options. That's not any type of training, it's a cruel torture for your masters benifit. You should examine your contract, and if you don't have one, you are dealing with a novice or someone who just likes to be cruel.

Its not fair at all. Going cold turkey on anything is never fair. There should always be a process to anything you have to ween yourself away from. Sub or slave something like this should be negotiated. But then again I have never been one to believe that even in a M/s relationship that the slave has no rights or can't disagree with something. And a Dom/Master should always be willing to listen to what their partner has to say.

Something as large as what you've described should be talked about. And your Master should realize what a huge thing this is for you and support you while doing it. Not just say STOP doing it and that's the final word. Its unrealistic and I think its unhealthy for you. True, you don't need to come everyday to live, but mentally its something you've done for a long time now. Forcing you to stop and you thinking about it constantly is going to make you loose focus in other ways.. possibly loosing focus on other tasks he puts you too. Then he won't be happy with that.. or you. I only see this causing more trouble in time. Where if he cared and took the time now to help you gradually ween your way away from it, both of you would be happier in the long run.

Thank you Sir. I agree. And btw I am owned by a female.

I am very sorry. I usually try to take he/she out of the equation because I don't know but sometimes it falls back in.

It's ok. I understand

I would be climbing the walls! 1 - 2 months is a long time to have no sexual pleasure, but I suppose it would teach restraint and show commitment! Perhaps you could discuss with your Dom/Domme a shorter time period to start, so he/she can assess how you do, what you can handle, and what your thoughts/reactions are?

I don't think one needs training before attempting ****** control.... it's sort of do or die ;-) In my case, I'd probably die but I'd never forget it ;-)

Oh yeah! It would be brutal. Truly the walls would have deep scratches down them ;-P

I would really suggest starting with a smaller time period in the beginning. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward.

I tried to talk to her about. She told me my frustration is funny to her. Then I got mad and just ended the conversation.

lol... such as, "For the next 5 minutes...." yeah that you could handle ;-P

Awww... yourlittleangel..... that's rough, I understand your frustration. Did she say it would be 1 - 2 months or are you just wondering if she will drag it out?

well my dom which apparently is my morality has made it so i have had no sexual pleasure not for just 1-2 months but for 26 years. Some real powerful dom and sub right there all in my own psyche.

Startingpoint you can't claim you've never ***********? Yourlittleangel is not allowed to do even that right now

She just told me that I will be allowed to *** when She thinks I deserve it.

Ahhhh ok.... I see. So your poor mind is going crazy thinking of extended time periods! LOL.... oh the psychological torture can be TOUGH! ;-)

Its awful

*sends you strength* (I hear you!)

Thank you

until i was 18 years old i never did ********** because of my strict adherence to my moral beliefs RedRubies. We have chatted enough via PM you know im consistent and stick to my beliefs.

I didn't realize it was a moral issue; that can't be easy, thanks for the explanation

I did explicitly write 'my morality' just saying :P

It can also be guilt as to why someone would not ********** until when someone says they don't ********** due to their "morality" I feel kinda bad for them because there is nothing wrong with having an ******.

I have a friend whose boyfriend was told growing up if he touched himself ghosts would haunt him. (I'm serious).Too bad we often associate self pleasure with shame.

I mean its more epistemic than that. It's not ghosts chase me or haunt me. It's not self-pleasure creates shame. It's alright to see human merely in terms of animal instincts in that manner self pleasure is not shame. You are correct. It's about seeing the human as having certain capacities that other animals do not that makes self pleasure ******* whatever you want to throw in there questionable in a certain epistemic framework.
Simplicity is a good thing i know, but my mind never has been quiet enough to not think out what it means to be human.

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honestly i don't think its fair, expesically without training. i can understand restriction, but not depervation. for me it would be extremely hard, and i would be extremely irritable

I agree. I am VERY irritable right now