There R Times....

I missed the feeling of being ..
told what to do
taken from behind
given bruises
grabbed on my hair
on my knee
looking up
and see the satisfaction face

idk but I cant get it out from my mind :(
staticonveyor staticonveyor
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

You express yourself so well: so much meaning in so few words.

awwhhh ^ ^ sweet comment

psssssst. actually I only have limited vocabs thats why.. lol XD

You even turn a compliment into a joke! You make me smile so much. You are so romantic too - making love in a bed of roses in your status, so alluring.

awhhhh stop making me blushed!! lol hahaha ^ ^

That's how I like to see you - so cute.

oooh my ^ ^ *bite my lips and giggle

get a room , you two

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