My First Time

I was 12 years old, on a family camping holiday in the English lake district at a campsite near Selwith Bridge. on a farm next to Loughrigg Tarn. . I had been playing rounders and other games with a younger girl named Anna(aged 10) and her brother(aged 8) for about 3 days, one nite I'd ben to the toilet about 10.30pm and why walking back the to our tent, i met Anna's dad(aged 39) walkin towards me, I smiled and said hello and we started to talk , there was an old horsebox next to the path, somehow he had his arm around me and kissed me at the side of the horsebox, i felt his tongue on my lips so i relaxed and let him kiss me, and then he walked me into the field behind the horsebox and lowered me to the ground, i was lying on the grass, and the my families tent was on the other side of a 5 foot wall maybe about 60 feet away from my mum and dad sat outside our tent, this man was lying next to me, his hand was feeling between my legs on top of my leggins, in the time it took to kiss me, walk me 20 feet and lie me down on the grass, was about 30seconds then he kneeled up and pulled his pants down and was wanking himself hard and then he pulled my leggings down to my knees pushed my knees towards my chest and started to **** me, about a minute later he stopped after he had released his ***** inside me and pulled his pants up and helped me stand up and i walked back to my tent and he went to the toilet. The next day i was invited to go on a walk with him and his family, he did ask me was i ok and i told him yeah and that i think nobody had seen us the nite before .. nothing else was said about the rest of our holiday .......AS ANYONE BEEN TO THIS CAMPSITE ????????.. and if yer this guy ..and you read this why not get in touch
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I am pretty sure I know the campsite, yes, but it was not I. In my garden I have a splendid piece of slate I collected from that old quarry nearby where there is that spectacular pillar of slate holding the roof up in the excavated part.