I Forced My Wife To Have A Gang Bang

By Don Juan Quixote
I invited some buddies over to play poker one night, only we all knew that we weren’t there to play poker. We were there to tie down, and gang rape my lovely wife.
I made her dress sexy and serve them drinks and snacks. She wore her new sheer black nighty and see through panties. Since everyone there could see her *****, I let them know its okay to feel my **** wife’s ***** whenever they want. I told them how she liked to be grabbed and spanked and slapped. I told them that she likes to be called a *****, ****, and especially a cheap ****.
While the guys played grab *** with her and calling her humiliating names, I bragged to them about how submissive my wife was, and how she will do anything you say. They didn’t seem to believe me, so I said I would prove it to them, by making her blow me in front of them. I told them to grab her ****, and feel her ***** and *** while she was blowing me.
“Here, I said. Let’s retire to the marital bed. She loves to get slutty there because it reminds her that she is cheating!” So, we all went into the bedroom. I said, “It makes her feel particularly nasty, because it’s our marital bed.” I sat in a chair in the corner placed there for me to watch her service the guests.
With tears in her eyes she reluctantly got down on her knees to give me head in front of the others. She knew I would make her give them all head and lick their balls too. Kind of hopefully she is thinking I would probably even force her to give them rim jobs and lick and suck their *****. She also knew I would wip her with a riding crop if she didn’t do it enthusiastically enough.
I made her admit to them that she loved to have *** all over her face and in her hair. Then, I made her suck my ****. She loves to give head and she eagerly started working my **** over with her mouth. The guys hands were all over her, and I think at one point someone put two fingers in her wet ***** because she lifted her mouth off of my ****, through her head back and moaned loudly.
I pumped my **** in and out of her mouth aggressively. I made it rough…slapping her, spitting on her face, and calling her a cheap **** and a worthless *****. By now she was moaning and begging me to ***, so I marked my territory by ******* on her face before turning my ***** wife over to my buddies.
She resisted at first, and whined “No, you can’t” as they took her and ******** her panties off. “Yes, we can.” They would reply and redouble their efforts. Eventually she gave in to the pleasure guilt free, and succumbed to their advances. After a while she got so turned on that she was encouraging them to give it to her deeper, and faster, or harder.
They kept the abuse going as she sucked on their ***** each in turn. She quickly went from one to the other tasting each of them and getting a feel for their size. I told them how she said she liked the idea of being held down, having her head hanging off the bed, and having all four guys force themselves into her mouth and *****. How she came whenever we talked about it during sex. So, the hung her head off the bed and took turns ******* her mouth until she was gagging and moaning and whining.
They made her admit that she was a sex toy, and a *** ****. And, they made her say how much she loved hot ***, made her beg them to make her a *** dumpster.
She got into our marital bed, and lay on her back and they were all over her. She looked at me as they took possession of her. Then, she begged them all to **** her hard and use her *****. She told them that she wanted her married ***** so stretched out that her husband couldn’t feel anything when he ****** her. She begged them to make her take all of them, and praised their ***** while they were pumping away at her. Then, she would beg for their hot ***, and usually they would stiffen up right away and start squirting *** into her.
Each time she took a new ****, I would me get up and spread her ***** lips for them, inviting them to take ownership of her *****. When I spread her hot wet ***** lips apart, she would say “Oh, God!” And I could see inside her slutty **** squirt with new juices to get ready for what was coming. She squirmed as each one eased their engorged ***** into her, and then groaned and slowly ground her hot ***** on to them getting them all wet in the process.
“That’s it.” I would say, “Make her take all of it. Explore every inch of her ***** with it, she loves strange ****.” And by that time she would be ******* them back like a crazy woman. “**** me hard and deep.” She would tell them. “Pound and abuse my *****.” I got close and whispered in her ear, “You know I’m going to have to punish you for this.” “I know.” She breathed, then she groaned and begged, “Punish me now! Punish my ****! Please!” And I would slowly tease her **** and upper lips with my wet fingers to make her *** on them.
“You want to squirt all over his balls, don’t you *****?” I demanded to know. “Yes.” She said weakly building up to it. “Does my **** wife want to squirt all over a strangers balls?” “Yes.” Was all she could manage while I punished her **** and rubbed it hard. Then, she would announce that she was squirting and the hot juices would coat the marital bed sheets.
Then I would cheer the guy ******* her on to punish her naughty ***** and use it and stretch it out so I can't feel it when I get in there. I forced her to tell them that her ***** was theirs. I made her beg for a huge load of hot ***. And they invariably responded by coating the inside and outside of her ***** with thick gobs of white ***. Just as they were about to squirt in her *****, I made her look me in the eyes as they ********** into her so I could watch her reaction. She came every time.
After they came in her, I enjoyed playing in the *** and spreading it all over her ***** lips and **** to get her ready to welcome the next guy between her legs.
On the second round she ****** each guy and I got the whip out to encourage her to greatness. I whipped her lightly a few times to remind her of the pain she would suffer if she didn’t perform well enough. She ****** like a mad woman, fearing the whip. She was a good ***** that night. She slammed her wet stretched out ***** onto their ***** enthusiastically and moaned when it bottomed out. Every now and then she squirted all over one of them and got their balls, legs, and the bed soaking wet.
They got *** all over her body. On her face, ****, stomach, and especially I made them all dump lots of *** on her **** and ***** lips. Then, I rubbed the *** around her lips and **** while the next guy got ready to mount my *** loving wife. Each man dumped a huge load of *** on her. And she was in heaven.
The whole time they were calling her a **** and a ***** what really got her excited was when they called her a ****. That word made her squirt new juices all over their balls. And of course I teased her **** while each guy was ******* her, forcing her to *** on them over and over.
Part of the time she would cry as they did these things to her, or wimper. But she would endure them because of her love for me and to make you proud of your submissive **** wife.

comicgregjohnson comicgregjohnson
46-50, M
Jan 13, 2013