From Me To You

Hanging from the basement ceiling..upside down...legs spread..ankles encircled in soft cuffs..arms behind my back..roped with care from wrists to elbows...wearing your favorite choke collar connected to a chain and hooked to a bolt in the floor..

Every flaw shadows to hide
I give you my love and surrender my soul
along with my worthless pride
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15 Responses Jan 14, 2013

And you hang there helpless waiting for your punishment for being such a bad girl and a disobedient sub. Feeling hands glide along your bare skin. You ******** naked and helpless...making you shiver when places are touched and you wonder what is to come next. Not sure, excited, uneasy about what is to happen to Master's sub knowing she is His to do as He wishes.......

i see it in my mind already, thnx

mmmmm id love to **** you senseless and cover you in my hot seed xxx

yes ,,wish I had you like this now , ! ! ! major turn on ! ! !

awesome ! !

You are my Dream

Awesome, love it

Very simple and efficient story...I will have difficutlties removing those mental images from my head now...!

i wish to do even better than that

special poetric

Pleaswe add me, I bet you have some great and very interesting pictures. Thanks.

That sounds exciting. I, however, see no flaws with you. I am imaging what happens next. Very sensual.

And that's just how I'd take you.....slowly.....thoroughly.......basking in the completeness of your surrender.......humbled by the subtle power of it, and emboldened by the desire it creates.......power building to passion expressed in climactic are a wonder!

I'd just like to say that i am impressed with your willingness to openly admit to your submissions. I know it to be difficult sometimes from a Masters point of view.

That is very hot. Has this happened to you?