So Many Emotions And Sensations

Its hard for me to process the last three months. That is when I realized that I was submissive. A breif encounter directed me that way. Now I am in a commited D/s relationship and have never been happier. I want to learn how to process all the emotion and sensations that I feel whenever I even think of my Sir. When we are together I feel like I can finally be myself and be open and tell him anything. I am so new at this lifestyle that I am just really not sure what exactly is expected of me. My Sir is very kind and loving and patient and giving. He demands honesty and respect. I freely give him that and more. I know that as much as I desire my own total surrender to my Sir, I still feel like I am holding back. I do not understand this. I want to give all to him. I try but feel that I have still held back. This is very confusing to me. My Sir says that we are just learning and we will get there. I trust him completly without reservation. Would just like any advice on how to be able to center myself and turn off the real world 100%....I am also struggling with the fact that sometimes somethings are very sexual and arrousing and other times the same scene has little sexual affect on me. I wish I could process these conflicts! My Sir and I discuss everything and I have been honest with him about my confusion. He does help me to process them to a point, however I feel the perspective of another Sub may also be useful. Maybe someone else has entertained the same thoughts and has passed the point that I seem to be at. Thank you in advance!.....Missi
Missi2012 Missi2012
41-45, F
Jan 16, 2013