Master sent me an email with clear instructions: take the western motorway, take a specific exit, turn left at the roundabout and wait 300m down the road. The day was very hot and I sat in my car with the air conditioning blowing. At the appointed time, a car drew alongside me and from inside Master mouthed “follow me”. Dutifully, and with a sharp peak in desire at the sight of him, I did.

Master drove maybe five minutes further into the remote country side, and then turned off the road, behind bushes and onto a vacant piece of land. I marvelled at how perfect it seemed for its use: outside, sheltered from passersby whilst exposed to nature, a fence, the odd bushes and not much else. In fact, I was told later that this area was so remote that it had the reputation for being a dumping ground for dead bodies by criminal types. I found the remoteness surreal and intoxicating.

This was to be a quick meeting. I was summoned with the purpose of draining His ****. Like a dutiful ***** I had driven an hour for the privilege of serving Him. Master kissed me, assessed how well I had followed instructions regarding my attire and directed me to the boot of my car which he opened. He extracted the cane from inside and had me lean into the boot with my skirt raised. He removed my butt plug and inserted his fingers into my asscunt. He withdraw His fingers and, to my surprise, expressed angrily that my asscunt was unclean and that I was never to come to Him unclean again. I tried to explain that I had cleaned quite thoroughly, however Master silenced me: I was only making Him more angry and He proceeded to cane me in response. He was angry and disappointed as He had wanted to **** my asscunt and I knew He also liked manipulating my body via this hole. I was very upset. I felt ashamed and that I had ruined the meeting. Tears fell as He caned me. Later I would discover an impressive latticework of stripes on my *** and the back of my thighs.

Master pulled a rug from my boot and laid it on the ground, ordering me to kneel and suck His ****. I threw myself into the task in a hope of redeeming myself, although the position of squatting and movement of sucking was creating an outward momentum from my *** and I could feel that the morning’s enema had not entirely finished its work. Shame and mortification overcame me. I kept sucking but I wanted to cry.

Then Master bent me into the boot again and, despite my expectations, proceeded to **** my asscunt, depositing His seed in my hole before reinserting my butt plug. He had me remain bent over whilst he wiped me up. Then I was once again presented with His **** for sucking. I begged Him not to make me, as I had not yet adjusted to the idea of *** to mouth. Master aggressively asserted that he had wiped His **** and I understood that He was not to be disappointed in this. I obediently sucked His **** clean and accepted this as my place.

My underwear were removed and replaced before we sat for a spell in my car, the air conditioning humming and Master sipping out of a chilled water bottle which He offered to me. I was quiet. Master remarked on how demure I was. But I was feeling shame and was chastened. Master smiled and said that He had enjoyed me that morning. I responded that I felt I had disappointed Him. Master said that I had received my discipline and as far as He was concerned it was over and not to be held onto. Soon afterwards He dismissed me so that He could return to His day’s tasks. I drove back to the city allowing the shame and mortification and sense of failure to wash over me.

I was to see Him again that night and I vowed that my asscunt would be so clean and so pristine that it would squeak and shine. I would make it up to Him.
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Yes, a good story.

you are a good little subby **** for your master well done and keep trying

I look forwaro being added to your friends

Amazing story youare a lucky girl and your master is very good to you.