i was in an s in a D/s relationship for almost 2 decades. During that time i observed many things about my own Mistress and Ds in general. One of the things i found to be almost universally true (at least in my experience) is a D’s uncanny perception about people. Most true Ds can sit in a room full of people for a few minutes and tell you intimate details about people they’ve never met.

i don’t know if that is an innate ability that goes with the personality type or if it’s learned through hours of observing their subjects as they explore their limits. i do know it was true of my Mistress. It was certainly true of her perceptions of me.

Though i had played with the life, it was not so much, to find myself, as it was to explore the erotic nature of it. Put simply i was turned on by sexual submission and Domination. i played with bondage and had a few casual relationships with women who i had met trolling bond events. Only in the Dominant role though…never the sub.

Truth be told i was ashamed of my more, kinky desires. It was a deep dark secret, not shared with the closest of friends or family. She knew though…. In hindsight from the first time She laid eyes on me…She knew…. She saw a struggle that i wasn’t even aware of .

We did not meet at one of the kink events i attended. Our meeting was more mundane. It was at the gym. i was working out. i had noticed her a few times. She was fit and pretty, but not a “fitness bunny”. She could push some iron so to speak. Not very big but strong. Long black hair usually in a ponytail…dark complexion…..solid build but feminine…

She was always smiling, always courteous, but never social with the people at the gym. It was obvious, She was there to workout, not to socialize. Even the wolves at the gym respected that and gave her space. That’s why it caught me by complete surprise when She walked up to me and said “you’re doing that wrong”……………

She knew…..right from the start…. Perhaps Ds have submissive radar???

gomenasai gomenasai
51-55, M
Jan 22, 2013