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Be Submissive, Be Loved In The Sorority House

In this sorority house we live with a group of over sexed strong willed girls. Our photos may be found in our profile in case you want to comment. We are looking for submissive friends willing to be obedient pets. Pets to be loved and are willing to bring pleasure to the sisters. Pets that complete a training program are then elgible to be adopted by a sorority sister. Some of the girls want a guy for a pet (puppy) and some want a gal (*****). If you have a submissive personality and enjoy bringing pleasure to a young ladies, then ask to be a sorority pet.
SororitySisters SororitySisters 22-25, F 9 Responses Jun 28, 2013

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i would feel honored to be a pet for you and your Sorority, Ma'am. May i beg ?

I love submitting to the sisters and I can't wait to graduate and hopefully be adopted by one of the sisters!

Uhh... Sounds hmm bit twisted ... I wonder if the SS are into anime...?

I would join if few love anime. Because my sexual desires came from anime :/

im so glad to be on trial :D

Sounds like fun :0)

OK, You've got me!


How exciting! You girls would probably wear out this Lady's maid, with hair, makeup, and pedicure requests. lol

Sorry I have not submitted my application, been very busy all of a sudden.

Bare Hugs

Very submissive and obedient. May i please be a pet? Thank you

Prospective pets are to request an application by email to -