Submission is not Weakness.

Submission is a trait I used to despise, I thought is was a sign of weakness but now know that is not the case and feel very comfortable with it.  It took me sometime to embrace and accept my submission but now fortunately I have come to fully appreciate it.  Submission is actually a good quality as I feel we all have to show some sort of submissiveness in either 1 aspect of our lives or another.  When you have this trait though, you have to be VERY careful that no one take advantage of you in a bad way. 

I found a really cute poem online about submission as it pertains more to wifely submission. I thought it was a cute poem but at the same time kind of corny lol. Here it is:

I Do Want To Be His Doormat

"I do want to be his doormat---I want him to wipe all his cares on me.

I want to be the first thing he steps on when he comes home.

I want to be a doormat that says: 'Welcome Home!'

I want to be the doormat that helps him leave his troubles outside his home.

I want to be the doormat that tickles his feet.

I want to be his doormat that divides the outside with the inside and as soon as he steps on it he knows the difference.

I want to be his doormat who knows where to take the dirt accumulated on his feet when he has been out in the world earning a living and providing for all the needs in our home.

I want to be his doormat,  I don't want him to want to find a different doormat.

I don't want him to stop wiping his feet at our door, I don't want someone else to put out a doormat for him.

Yep, a submissive woman is a doormat.

I am so glad that my Husband safely trusts in the heart of his doormat which he treats like silk.

Oh.. listen... my Husband is driving down our lane... I need to go meet him---he might have dust on his feet!"


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4 Responses Dec 10, 2008

I don't remember where I found that poem but I know I found it somewhere online. When I was in a D/s relationship I wanted to be that "doormat" that wiped his worries away. My Master at the time truly treasured that. I'm no longer in a D/s type of relationship. I guess you could say I'm in a "regular" relationship now. My D/s relationship was definitely more deep and profound and one that I will never forget. :-)

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Funny you should mention 2 submissives in a relationship lol. I guess my current relationship is more of a s/s vs D/s lol but he is a sweetheart. But I truly do miss the D/s type of lifestyle.

If you are both happy,loved and cherished then I wish you and your's the best of luck.