My Daddy has ordered me a collar and is going to be giving it to me soon.  I am very excited.  I was wondering if anyone else is collared and if you did something special to mark the occasion?

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I have been collared before, and my former master went through a series of events with me...*******, markings, then talked me through the placement of my anklet, which was my collar. It was a very powerful day for me.

Yes we have experienced the idea of being collared... I say we because we are a couple and the dominate guy involves a 3rd person.... There has never been a actual collar for my G/F Renee to wear..But we did send this guy a series of photo emails with Renee expressing her submission to him wearing a bracelet on her ankle with his initial on it! trust me he loved it and it just spurred him on even more!

I think wearing a collar is so HOT!!! i would like to be collared by a master.

My love gave me one, but I do not have to wear it all the time... only when she presents it to me or tells me to wear it. Congratulations.

please share your feelings/emotions about the day you were collared! Please, please share!! I want to experience your feelings!

Oh - congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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I am so happy for you and your Daddy!! I wish you every happiness in the future! <br />
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