From the Hieghts of a Bended Knee....

When a woman is on her knees she is getting things done.

On her knees cleaning her floors, checking under furnature, or spring cleaning she is getting things done...Her home a testament to her thouroughness.  She does not fear that her children will find objects to place in their mouths...She has seen the world on their level and knows it is clear of harm.

On her knees looking into her children's eyes she comfort and consoles, she disciplines and she scolds.  She sees right into their hears by looking into their eyes.  She has seen them on their level and not lorded over them like a giant.  They love that mommy has let herself be small so that they could feel very tall!!

On her knees before her man she stands taller under his command.  One might argue her submissiveness as she holds his manhood in her hands and ministers orally.  She is commanding a response and he submits to his desires.  Yet.....she is serving him and submitting to mutal pleasure.  She is holding him and perhaps his world in her hands.

On her knees in prayer she interceeds for her family's needs and desires, as she seeks to be the best that she can be.  She submits all to her Creator for Him to deal with.  The things that have her overwhelmed.  She covers her man, her children, and others in her blanket of submissive prayer.

She sees the world from every perspective because she is humble enough to fall to her knees.  On her knees she is a more not less, and when she rises to her feet her knees take her through her day.

On her knees she is more powerful than those who stand definant on their feet. 

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I had not looked at it this way, but you are very right.

WOW<br />
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that is so powerful

Too right: " On her knees she is more powerful than those who stand definant on their feet. "

I have actually explored the Ds lifestyle in the city here, it is a pretty big community

the power of intoxicating,...<br />
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people have a hard time believe that there is freedom in submission... until they try it *grins and blushes*