Being Submissive

I like to think that being submissive has to do with just having a partner. I admit to wanting to be in a BDSM relationship, and this is what i refer to when i claim submission.
I had always been aware of my desire to please people. Especially boyfriends and potential lovers. I had always had wants for being dominated, but never lived out my dreams.
Instead i chose partners that would not be able to control me, ones that i would be easily able to beat up if necessary. I was never ready for the commitment involved in being submissive. When it comes to being who i am and being strong, i am all that is meant to be.
For me, i hope that i am not considered strange or a disgrace to society.
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For the most part it is "society" that is the disgrace. I don't think anyone can be D or s in all relationships. It's a sliding scale till you find a D that you trust to walk with you. Then it will be natural. The scale will naturally tilt. Good fortune to you in your search.

You are exactly the opposite of being a disgrace.
You are a person who knows what she wants.
Being submissive does not mean you are a door-mat. There is much power in being submissive and when you find the true person who appreciates this, you will have a wonderful relationship. What man doesn't want a wife/girlfriend who adores, obeys, respects and loves him?
What wife/girlfriend doesn't want a man who is a leader, keeps the relationship on track, adores, takes care of and cherishes her?
All the luck to you

Your personal life has nothing to do with society. Society is when you walk out the door in public. i'm a boss and have been all of my life. I'm very stern and I push people at times close to there limits because I have to at times to get the work done. I enjoy being on the other end at times. I can't do it at work obviously. So now and then I ask a female friend to turn it around. Some times it's nice to do what your told and not have to worry about telling other people what to do. I find this release in the bedroom. Not always...i'm not always looking for it. I also enjoy dominating women as well as having them dominate me. Role reversal is cool.

Don't be hasty. U R too young. So take your time before committing to one.<br />
I am a proud submissive.

In my experience your 'beating up' and 'pushing away' lovers is just a sign of separating the wheat from the chaff.<br />
<br />
Lot of wanna be doms. In fact the number of 'couples' I have trained where the husband wanted his fantasy slave wife usually ended with her being submissive to groups of men while HE was submissive to her (and the groups of men through her).<br />
<br />
Real dominants, even those with little experience, can see and feel there way through your maze.<br />
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Question you need to ask yourself is What is the benefit to you for denying your needs

very much agree with Sydney<br />
<br />
and each BDSM relationship is different<br />
<br />
always be proud of whom you are and chosen to be , as there is only one of you.. submission is a gift not something that can be taken and will be rewarding for you and your Partner needs a strong woman AND a really dominant man. It needs trust and abolutely honest communication. Courage and mutual appreciation.

Why worry about what the rest of the world thinks about you... Worry more about what you think. Seriously girl, you can spend your life trying to be what they want, or you can spend your life happy. Being submissive may come from many different areas of your child hood. Become self aware of who you are and why you are, and then accept yourself. I mean always grow, but love who you are now. You're beautiful... even I can see that and I don't know you.

I also am one that am not yet a true submissive. Just know I would very much like to be.

Submission is not something to be ashamed of in any way! It takes a very, very strong person to be able to commit to this lifestyle and the rewards can be breathtakingly startling. If, one day, you manage to find the right dominating person, you will consider yourself one of the luckiest women ever. Trust me, I know!<br />
Good luck and choose wisely! Your submission is a precious gift. xxx

And I am a dominant!<br />
<br />
Dont worry, your perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. You just need some insight and some info.

If you're into a BDSM lifestyle you're in the right place. There's a few people here on EP that can help...