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Wearing A Collar

For me it is a symbol of my total submissiveness.   I love, love, love the feeling of my neck circled.

During day to day I wear a easy collar, made of thin leather.  When going out at night, I wear heavier ones.  I love wearing posture collars, but I am not daring too much wearing them in public.

Of course I have one at night.

hadar99 hadar99 36-40, F 5 Responses Dec 23, 2009

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I know several women who wear extreme rigid collars. They can never look down, and some must always look so far up they can only see the ceiling!! They so love being like tgis, one or two have even had them made permanent!!

i agree with everything you said. Collars are very powerful items and they do feel great. I love wearing mine and I'm proud to have one.<br />
<br />
Love the fact you have more than one collar too. lucky!!

I do feel special when I wear a collar. I become self conscious to every touch and I am very proud of this symbol.

I know the feeling and the warmth that comes with wearing someone's collar. It is a wonderful, sexy, and even romantic little article :)

It is my own symbol, but I also happen to live with a somebody that likes me collared. Actually I started because of her. Now I wear it myself because it makes me warm.