Wearing A Collar

For me it is a symbol of my total submissiveness.   I love, love, love the feeling of my neck circled.

During day to day I wear a easy collar, made of thin leather.  When going out at night, I wear heavier ones.  I love wearing posture collars, but I am not daring too much wearing them in public.

Of course I have one at night.

hadar99 hadar99
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4 Responses Dec 23, 2009

i agree with everything you said. Collars are very powerful items and they do feel great. I love wearing mine and I'm proud to have one.<br />
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Love the fact you have more than one collar too. lucky!!

I do feel special when I wear a collar. I become self conscious to every touch and I am very proud of this symbol.

I know the feeling and the warmth that comes with wearing someone's collar. It is a wonderful, sexy, and even romantic little article :)

It is my own symbol, but I also happen to live with a somebody that likes me collared. Actually I started because of her. Now I wear it myself because it makes me warm.