My Preparation For Him

Text from Master " What are the preparations today for your Master?"


My answer follows :  I spend probably a good week preparing my mind, my body and my soul to be used by my Master for his pleasure.  I begin by getting my hair, nails and pedicure done.  He of course picks the color "cardinal red" this time.  I love the feel of the nails. Next I have to abide by the first rule absolutely no self stimulation or ************.  It sounds like an easy rule to keep, but for me its pure agony. I feel my **** lips getting more and more swollen by the minute and its no help that our conversations are full of nothing but ******* one another. The next step in my preparation for him is to continuely shave and groom my **** for it must be silky smooth for his pleasure....he loves to pet the smooth sleek kitty. I will always douche and make her sweet and fresh smelling even though she is always kept very clean.  No one likes a smelly *****. The final preparation is to completely empty and cleanse my ***. I know that this is an unpleasant task to discuss but it is very important because he loves ******* my *** and he deserves the cleanest and best ***. So this morning was my last meal...then I will completely clean it out repeatedly for the next 2 days. No food, just water.  I will not be bloated and disgusting for my Master.  Some might think its extreme, and maybe it is, but for him I desire to be the best and perform the perfect scene.  For I know when I greet him on Friday morning, he will do a full body inspection...every hole for their cleaniness and tightness. Kegels are done all day long whether or not I am preparing to scene with him.  I take pride in my muscular tight **** and my tight *** which belong to him. As for my mind I think of every slutty skill I possess and how I can use them to my advantage to keep him pleased beyond his imagination. This also means being creative when I pack our toy bag...the standard bdsm whips and leather are delicious, but I love to use the ordinary everyday items we use in our vanilla life. His belt for paddling my ***, I want him to think of how he command me to lick it and wet it with my mouth before he paddled my *** with it  leaving his brand upon my ***.   I want him to feel that delicious shudder of remembrance as he puts it on in the vanilla life.  Maybe this time it will be my hairbrush or my favorite mixing spoon as our new paddle. Clothespins for my nipples of course. Make sure the camera is charged for the pictures and video of my beautiful humiliation he masterly delivers unto me. I focus my mind for the next 48 hours on nothing but how I will please him, it is all about him and that time we have together. Being the best for him, makes me the best for me. t.

kuriousgyrl kuriousgyrl
36-40, F
Feb 17, 2010