My Preparation For Me...sub Drop Go Away!

As I had written earlier of my preparation for him, there is one very key aspect that I ensure I do before I serve my Master.  After I have completed all of my rituals and my body and thoughts are completey his, I begin to prepare myself for what I know is to follow after my service is done and we have parted.   It is to prepare myself for what is commonly know as "sub drop", which for those unfamiliar with the term is the emotional crash after parting with your Master from an intense scene.  It can be a dangerous time for a sub, this is when your mind is trying to recover from the euphoric high that you have just submitted it too, and the intense sadness you feel when the adrenaline and dopamine wears off. This is when you question everything from your performance to is this what i truly want. You may beat yourself up and question your nature.  It can be really dangerous especially for those brand new to the life.

You can stave this off by being aware that it will happen, talk openly with your Master about aftercare and what you might need from him whether praise and reassurance or just simply cuddle time.  Most importantly you must serve yourself and prepare yourself for it. I know it will happen I don't know how soon it will happen, but I make sure that I have enough time to get adequate rest and rehyderate myself meeting my bodys basic needs.  I usually schedule a day with good friends doing something fun. I make sure to listen to the thoughts I am having and give myself the opportunity to feel and search where they are coming from and resolve them as I confront them that way they don't rear their ugly head at unexpected times.  But most importantly I am always open and honest with my Master about my thoughts " I may not always like what he tells me, but he will never mislead me or lie to me."  Always being prepared will help you serve yourself and your Master, and will help you be the best you can be. good luck on your journey. t.

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girl agree's whole heartedly.. a Master and His should always talk and keep lines of communication open ..if they do not then a Master does not know what His is feeling when things are being done.. if it hurts His too much.. or any other number of things ...

This was incredibly helpful to me.

A big mistake I have made is not talking to Master about aftercare before it happened and it really was not a good feeling on my sub drop, the questions of what am I doing, am I good enough etc consumed my mind for a long time after. It is a mistake I will never make again and do not wish anyone to make it either.