Submissive Is She

i am a submissive woman.

i am not weak,

nor i am worthless.

i am a submissive woman.

i am intelligent,

and possess a strength

and perseverence that withstands

the trials of life.

This strength which i possess

and cherish

is my gift to You.

When life breaks You down

and makes You

question the man

you were intended to be...

allow me to allow You

to suck my strength from me.

Make it Your own.

i do not

nor will i ever

give my submission to a man

just because he claims dominance.

But to You,

i give all of me...

and Your ownership


sets me free.

i trust in You to cherish the gift,

embrace my trust in You...

to protect me.

i have opened up my heart

and my mind...

the very core of my soul to You...

and invited You in.

i have

given You the book

entitled "Me"...

and invited You to read.

You know i have suffered


You know i am scared

but You...

You have endeavored

to erase the memories


replace the pain.

You are my Master


i am Your slave.

i am not to be degraded

nor ever dishonored


i recognize

i am not Your equal,

nor will i ever be.

i was created

to compliment You...

i was created to make You whole...

for without the portion of Your heart

that contains my soul...

would not be complete...
submissiveheart09 submissiveheart09
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I ditto Taken. This is exactly how I feel. I never knew being a submissive would be so fulfilling.

wow.. :)

smiles thank you Sir DRaco

smiles and thanks both of You

nice poem!