I'm Simply A *****. Period.

In terms of intimacy and desire I don't think the labels we use are meaningful. Female, or male are just abstracts. Straight, or gay are just wind directions. The truth is we are either studs or *******, regardless of gender or orientation. Studs, be they female or male, straight or gay are dominant and takers. ******* are submissive and need to be taken. I'm simply a *****. Period.  

CherrySissy CherrySissy
46-50, T
2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Thank you Spank. It's true, some of us just need to be "taken." Our joy and excitment is being appreciated, in being obedient, in giving, in being the perfect ob<x>ject and realization of another's desires and fantasies. It's the joy of being vulnerable and at the same time protected. It's the joy of being weak to someone who is stronger. It's knowing that being on our backs, open, exposed, aroused, vulnerable, waiting, willing and wanting ******* is the ultimate self attainment and satisfaction. Studs lust for *******, ******* lust for being bitched. I think we are getting the better part of the deal (giggles) ! I love being a *****.

Nice perspective! Good way of putting it.