The Beginning

 The night I had been waiting for was fast approaching, and I could feel the uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, wanting it all to be happening and scared to death it will. I have chosen my Maid’s outfit, stockings, shoes and corset, no panties, never, there must always be easy access.

I have been practicing, how to greet them, how to walk, how to bend over for drinks, how to serve them their food and last, but not least, how to position myself for the hand winners, and of course first, second and third place winners. 


The day is here and I can hardly contain myself, I’m shaking, feeling sick and nervous and excited all at the same time. I arrive early to prepare. The table has been placed in the middle of the living room, all the other furniture has been arranged with much thought, for what will take place later. I am going to set out the bar first and make sure there is enough ice mix ect, for the evening. The food is here I just have to plate it and serve it to them, making sure I do dribble a little in the right spots, so I can take care of cleaning it for the guests.


Next its time for me to get ready for the nights play, I have been cleaned inside and out ready to dress. First I cream my whole body with a light sent, nothing too strong, I want a light lingering aroma they will never forget, I add my corset with the shelf bra and garters and of course the cuban stockings with a seam, god are they sexy, last, but not least the shoes, 5 inch stilettos with a platform, wow what they do for the legs. With them on I will really have to bend over the table, just what they will love. I attach my black wig tightly in case one of them likes to pull hair,

now, my makeup, I take my time, it must be perfect, and match the outfit to a T.


Less than an a few minutes and the bell will start ringing, its time for the gifts to be inserted.

Sir is using a good amount of lube, we don’t want to damage the pearls, they were custom made and fitted in China, and very expensive, even for China. He bends me over and I am getting wet with anticipation, how they will feel going in and of course coming out. He spreads my legs and gently inserts one of my butt plugs to open me a little, he works it around inside, I am getting even wetter now,  and loving how it feels. Now he will insert the length of pearls one at a time, insuring he is getting them deep, there is at least 100 pearls, we know they fit, they were custom made. I can barely contain myself but I put it out of my head, as coming out will be so much more fun. The players will be so happy. 


I do believe I’m ready,  I am getting anxious, my hart is pounding, time for my vodka. In just a few minutes I will be on display, theirs to stroke, touch, lick, probe and pull at. The players will be allowed to do, all of the above while I serve them, I will be sure to provoke them into it as well. They know the rules, no ******* me, everything else is fine.


Their arriving now the first one has rung the bell, my hart just skipped a beat, can I do this, its too late now, I answer the door. He is tall with dark hair and eyes, however they lit up when he saw me, staring at my breast he says hello,  I take him by the hand and lead him to the living room, saying hello to Sir but never taking his eyes off me. I ask him what he would like to drink, I get it for him while he is being briefed on the game rules for the night. 

The winner of each hand will have the pleasure of pulling on my pearls, they may only remove one at a time, I will lay over the table set up next to the poker table, in a way that all the others will be able to watch. The player that pulls the last pearl from my *** will be allowed to finger my *** as a reward, for both him and me, I am not allowed to ***. The 3rd place winner gets to play with my ****, pull them clamp them what ever he pleases, 2nd place gets to play with my *****, he may finger it play with vibrators or insert what he wishes, but he cant **** it, and 1st place gets a hand job and may *** on my ****. the others are welcome to ********** till they  ***, but only the winner will have help from me. 


The others have arrived and I have done the same with all of them, lead them to the living room and given a drink, not one wasn’t surprised when they saw me at the door. I do believe each of them was hard the minute they walked in, even more so when they where made aware of what the night would bring. 


I start by making sure they all have drinks, and a good look at what is dangling from my ***, each one has had a chance to look me over and all can’t wait to win a hand. They all sit down and I leave the room as not to disturb the start of the game, if I stay out there they will never get started. I am fixing drinks in the kitchen as I want them all to be loosened up, so there is no hesitation when the games begin. I’m not as nervous now, calmed just a bit, however very horny. I hear my name called, the fist hand is won and now its my turn, walking into the room they are all watching me. Without a word I lay myself over the table with my *** up ready for the first pull, its the man that arrived first, I knew it would be him, he wanted it bad, I could see it in his eyes. He comes to my side as to not obstruct the view of the others, he first strokes my cheek and taps it lightly, causing my **** to jump, and my hart to race, I can feel him sliding his hand down my *** to the few pearls that are exposed to grab on to, I feel a little tug then it stops and the pearl slides back in, I feel this a few times and then all of a sudden, POP, the first one is out, and with that I make a small sound of pleasure.

As the night goes on, winning hand after winning hand, each player had their own technique on how to pull one out. It felt amazing and different each time, even Sir was enjoying it. They were all so into it all night. Once they had a few drinks and were more comfortable they started petting at me. Some would just stroke my leg or run a finger over my ****, some would rather *** play, and for those I made sure my **** were within licking reach while I was serving them.

As the night went on and the pearls were almost all out I could hardly wait, I wanted to lay my body across the poker table for all of them to touch me finger me, pull and bite my **** and *** all over me, if Sir would let them. I know he wouldn’t, he didn’t want things to get out of hand, to maintain trust and respect is number one always. I needed to respect that no matter how horny I was. 

They called the game in a half hour, that meant I would be the prize for the three of them soon.   I went to freshen up and prepare myself for multiple men for the first time, I so want this. Again I am anxious but ready at the same time, loving the entire evening, I know I will love the end too. I stay in the kitchen till I’m called, I was called out 4 more times for a single pull before the end of the game. The gentleman that had the first pull also had the last, and out came the end of the strand. He quickly started to undo his zipper and pull his **** out. He started stroking it and then started smacking my ***, I like the sting. Next he was toying with my hole, flicking it, spitting on it, stroking it, then in it went, ahhhhh finally its in, one finger then two, I have been waiting for his all night. All the players are still sitting in the chairs, as I am now on the poker table, so they can all have a good look at the *** play. He finished up with my *** as he came, getting it all over the floor, table and a little on me, as he was instructed not to *** on me by Sir.

I stay on the poker table but rolled over onto my back now for the 3rd place winner, I love all the hands on my body, it feels so good. My **** are already exposed so the next player starts by pulling them, then twisting them as he too is removing his **** from his pants. He is now spitting into his hand and rubbing his ****, he reaches back to my nipples and tugs them in sync with his ****, he has a good rhythm going and he too **** fast, again on the floor and table, but respects he must not *** on me.

 Next is 2nd place and he gets my *****, they decide this will be a group effort, I have  one player holding each leg open so that my ***** is well exposed. two others are holding my arms while Sir watches them all enjoying me. 2nd place winner wastes no time and drops his pants before he even starts on me, he noticed earlier a small table with a cloth covering a few things, just before he got into position for me Sir had removed the cloth to expose a few of my favorite things, with out even skipping a beat he had retrieved my large vibrating balls and my *****. he started by lubeing up the balls, 2 attached to a string, they are the size of small eggs, and inserting them into me, he then turned the control on a slow speed and set it on the table, he then asked another player to turn it up slowly as he started to finger me. I cant even explain how amazing this all feels, I have never experienced anything even remotely close to this. I didn’t *** yet and was ready to pop, but I knew Sir would be disappointed if I did, so again I was able to hold off. He was ready to *** and was fingering and stroking at a mad pace, he too came but with very little control, Sir is not mad, how could he control it all.  

Next is first place, and he is getting a hand job, Sir had whispered in my ear that if I felt the urge to lick it a little, I may.  1st place in now sitting on a chair waiting with **** in hand, hard as a rock for me to come over and start stroking him. I am on my hands and knees in front of him, first I take his **** in my hand and bring it close to my mouth so he can feel my hot breath on it, giving me time to gather my spit, when I have a nice large amount in my mouth I spit it all over his **** and start stroking him. I stay close with my mouth, Sir winks at me and out my tongue goes to meet his ****, he sighs with pleasure, and starts pushing he **** farther in my mouth.     I look at Sir and he gives me a nod and in one stroke I take it all in, loving the taste of **** I devour it and as I feel him start to shoot, I take my mouth off his **** and hold it open for all to see him squirt his *** in my mouth and on my ****...... I am in a place I have never been before and not wanting to leave.

Now that all the players have been served, I will wait for Sir’s instructions, what he wants next. He starts by asking the players if I was a good hostess, and if I deserve a reward, and what they think that should be. Little did I know Sir had told them that I am a squirter. It was unanimous that I was a great hostess and that after taking care of them the way I did, I deserve to ***, they just want to see me squirt. Sir thought it as well, but also thought it would be nice for them to see how we play a little. He started by positioning me on the bar between the kitchen and the     living room, he then took out his ropes and tied me spread open to each side of the bar, ( he has rings there for just this) he then took my arms over my head and tied them to the top rings. he took a few minutes to get his gear together as the players were still watching me.

Next he began the show by flogging my ****, after a bit of fun there he used a riding crop on my *****, even letting one of the players take a swat. As a favor to me he had placed one of my candles close by and gave me a treat by pouring wax on my ****. 

By now the other players were hard again, not believing what they were seeing, stood motionless taking it all in. They new Sir was into different things, but I don’t think they expected this. He asked them if they would like to see me squirt now, and of course they couldn’t wait, they were all stroking their ***** again wanting to blow another load. Sir wanted a little help so the 1st place winner was chosen to hold the electric vibrator on my **** while Sir ****** my ***** and *** with a battery vibrator, this combo is sure to have me squirt across the room. Sir started slow to warm me up even more, as if that was possible. As he increased the speed and depth of the toys he was using, the guys come in closer, this was so that when I squirted I was able to hit them all. Just as I was about to squirt I yelled for him to press on my **** with the electric vibrator and was like the flood gates opened and I sprayed them all as they were ******* off to me. Sir knew what I wanted, so he untied me and laid me on the floor, he then instructed them to  stand over me and ***, and they all did happily. 

What a night for all, Sir and I said our good buys and closed the door behind the last one, they will never forget this as long as they live and neither will I. 

The only thing was Sir had not *** yet and I knew with all that went on, he had a big load for me. I went to clean up, had a quick bath and went back down stairs to take care of the man that took such good care of me. I knew what he wanted and I let him have it, he started with spanking me and then fingering my ***, this lead to me sucking his hard **** while on my knees in front of him, we then went to the bedroom as he restrained me to the bed, I knew he was ready to ***, or so I thought. He left for a minute and returned with my pearls and placed them around my neck, then ****** my *** till he came.


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Thank You..... more to *** I hope.......

Wow, just wow. What an erotic experience. Very few women would allow themselves to be given so vulnerably to a group of men, not their lover. But what a memorable experience you had from it. Very arousing to read.