How To Get Owned By Fish Fingers

I wanted to make a nice easy meal so i decided on fish finger sandwiches.

I took them out of the box and put them in the top oven. The top part can be used as either a grill or oven and the dials for the grill/oven have different settings. You can turn the grill dial either left or right and it will hit max when it reaches the bottom. You have to turn the oven dial all the way from right to left to actually set it to max.

As you can guess, I must of totally forgotten that the oven dial was different, and i only put it on half heat. After 16-18 minutes i went to check on the fish fingers and i discovered that they werent done at all. Cursing my stupidity, I then turned the dial all the way round and waited for them to cook.

Coming back to the oven, 16 minutes later, I discovered that I hadnt actually pressed the oven button in so in fact, the oven wasnt actually on or cooking anything....

20-25 minutes later (around 1hr after i'd started) I was finally eating my fish finger sandwiches.
SDuWarriorInf SDuWarriorInf
36-40, M
May 7, 2012